Bels Lontano – “Lovely Path” // Alex Kuno

Opening with an inspiring mix of whimsical harp-like sounds and keys, Bels Lontano slowly adds in the ambience with soft chords and electro-beats. Drawing inspiration from the multi-dimensional composer Ligeti, the Michigan-based producer pulls out all the stops with this dream-pop track. “Lovely path” sounds like you’re going in and out of consciousness (in a good way) while being awakened by the miscellaneous sounds that are a part of your everyday life. With a constant array of beats and chimes, this airy track quickly becomes a go-to jam. If you like Flying Lotus and want to experiment with some low-fi floral beats, be sure to take a listen to this track off of Bel’s Lontano’s EP, “Off of Kind Decade”.

Off of the album Kin Decade out December 2017

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JMSN – “Cruel Intentions”

As the sun drifts away and you stand facing the night its time to make a decision about the next few hours. Will you be breaking hearts or mending them? Never an easy choice. And even harder to do either right. Let JMSN spend 6 minutes helping you decide. 

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Dream Beach – “Drove My Car Into the Ocean”

The open road is a blank page laying ahead of you, existing only in the future. Every decision is yet to be made and nothing behind you matters. That is until… you hit a bump. And then another. They dislodge a distant memory from the caverns of your mind and suddenly your thoughts are filled with rusty memories of a road you traveled long ago. The blank page is filling fast with the past. There is only one thing you can think to do with the four-wheeled memory machine beneath you. The ocean is just one left turn away. The last turn you will need to take.  Read more

Daniel Wilson – “If You Went Away” + “Proofread”

Music for… soulless bastards who have never had their heart broken. Listen up because the incredibly powerful yet delicate voice of Daniel Wilson IS the sound of love, loss, and pain all in one. “If You Went Away” is the kind of song that deserves mega-million dollar films put into production just so it can play over the climactic montage.

Location: Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Future: The rest of Boy Who Cried Thunder EP. The more upbeat “Proofread” is a great example of Wilson’s range.