Magic City Hippies – “Heart Wants” // David Schnell

“Heart Wants” is part psychedelic, part funk, part dance, part indie rock, part rockabilly and all parts good times.  Magic City Hippies ingeniously combines each of these elements by instrument; the psychedelic duties are left to the guitar while the funk is left for the drums and bass, creating a dance song dense enough to be listened to as any other type of song.  The result is a unified, perfectly coherent sound, perfect for parties and solitary listening alike.

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Millionyoung – “Rare Form” // Inkee Wang

With heavy dashes of nu disco and 80’s synthwave, the new Millionyoung has heavy vibes and a solid helping of bliss. Use it to kick off your next pool party.

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BRIKA would prefer YOU keep that grill going strong

If I could grill burgers with a bass line this jam would save me a lot on coal this summer.

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[MP3] Adam Foster Music – “True Romance”

Oh to be young and live only for the sun and the sand and not let any of the moments in between slow your roll or get in the way of the hunt for a good time. So what if you lose a sandal out of the sunroof? So what if you take a laughing head in the gut as the overstuffed car bounces along the seaside cobblestones? So what if the bars are all 21+ and you can’t get in and instead have to start your own dance party on the beach under the moonlight?

True Romance (Original Mix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]

Bad Wave – “Look Out”

Sounds Like… what I wish Phoenix‘s last album sounded like! From 10k Islands, the label that brought us Nicky Blitz and John Hancock, comes the very good Bad Wave. We don’t know much about them but I sure know I like em.

Location: Miami, FL.

Future: World domination. Probably.

John Hancock – “Left Me”

Remember when ANR put out one of the most underrated albums of 2010? Remember when they packed the house at The Burning Ear SXSW party in ’12? Remember when they didn’t follow Stay Kids up with anything and I stayed up late at night wondering where they had gone? Do you remember!? Well, ANR isn’t back but one half of the band just dropped his debut jam as John Hancock and damn if it doesn’t make up for the 4 years of silence. “Left Me” is all kinds of summertime shimmer and beach day funk. Don’t you dare make a summer playlist without “Left Me”.

[MP3] Old Wives’ Tale – “Momma Devil”

you know you make me wanna shout

♫ Old Wives’ Tale – Momma Devìl

OK, what is born in Colombia, bred in Miami, and shreds some serious guitar action? The brothers of Old Wives’ Tale! Felipe & Jamie Valencia bring some serious rock n roll heat with the  throwback stylings of “Momma Devil,” a jam tailor made for air guitaring the sheit out of your living room. Have a brother? Get him wailing on some high pitched karoke and tear the whole thing up. Just don’t break the coffee table like last time.

Old Wives’ Tale’s 2nd LP Late Night Paraphernalia is out now.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp / Amazon

Awesome New Republic celebrate TBE’s Birthday!


i can feel in your fingertips that your grip is for real

Awesome New Republic – Birthday

So yesterday was the 2 month birthday of TBE  and what better way to celebrate than with this appropriately titled track from Miami’s Awesome New Republic. I almost saw these guys perform in Brooklyn back in September but my plans got derailed as is common in those parts. Now that I am finally sinking my teeth (ears) into their tunes I am even more bummed. They are an amped up electro-disco tornado that I can see getting very sweaty to (on the dance-floor, or otherwise). Rational Geograpic Vol 1 is the first in a 3 part, 6 song each, trilogy to be released over the next few months. Vol 1 is out on Tuesday but the dudes in ANR are so crazy cool that they are giving it away for free at their website! Don’t sleep on that!

FUN FACT: “Birthday” was orginally written for the debut album of Gossip Girl’s Leighton Meester. You can here her vocals on it at RCRD•LBL but I prefer the faster dude-to-dude version here.

Bury your face in MySpace for some great tunes not on Rational Geographic Vol 1