[REMIX] Calvin Harris ft Ne-Yo – Let’s Go (Michael Mayeda & Panic City Remix)

Panic City and Michael Mayeda are back at it again.  Really, when are they not?  This time producing a remix of Calvin Harris & Ne-Yo’s “Lets Go” for the Pepsi Remix Contest on Beatport.

If you dig the mix like I do, then follow this “Beatport Link” and vote for the TBE regulars to have a shot to open up for Calvin Harris in Ibiza.

P.S.  Ssssshhh don’t tell them, but if they win, I think I’ll have to crash that 5 night beast of a vacation in Ibiza.  Wicked.




[MP3] Panic City & Michael Mayeda

♫ Panic City – Ancient Aliens

♫ Michael Mayeda – Take Me There

  • Who: Michael Mayeda and Nic Mags
  • What: Glitch/House – like  Kaskade, Afrojack, Wolfgang Gartner
  • Where: Las Vegas & San Francisco /  Panic City Facebook / Michael Mayeda Soundcloud + Panic City Soundcloud / Panic City Bandcamp
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: With the start of Panic City’s new record label “BlackLights Music”, Michael Mayeda and Panic City are about to be two of the biggest up-and-coming names in electronic music.  That is, if they keep producing heat like this.  We’ve known them for awhile as Dj Megaman & Dj Panic city, but with their new line of original work, came new monikers.   Catch Panic City at our SXSW Showcase Thursday, March 15th @ 9:00pm.

[MP3] Introducing Michael Mayeda

♫ Michael Mayeda – Perfect Ending (Original Mix)

  • Who: Michael Mayeda Formerly Known as DJ MegaMan
  • What: Glitch/House, like  Kaskade meets Wolfgang Gartner
  • Where: Las Vegas + Facebook / Soundcloud
  • When: Release dates?
  • Why: I’ve been a fan of Dj Megamans & Dj Panic City’s remixes for some time now (here).  This year, Panic City’s new label “Blacklights Music” could provide the platform for them to take a major step forward.  If Michael Mayeda can continue to produce quality tunes like this, 2012 will be exciting for them.