Drip-133 – “When Was This” // Nora Sturges

Climb down here… its ok, drip-133 promises…

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Absofacto – “Dissolve”

Music for… putting your helmet on, double checking your oxygen tanks, and getting in that damn spaceship. The only thing distracting your from the G forces pulling your stomach through your spine is the sight of planet Earth dissolving into the distance and the oddball beats blasting through the cockpit. If they are going to send your ass to the moon, at least they were good enough to include a killer soundtrack.

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

Future: Absofacto’s Jonathan Visger is no slouch. Plenty of jams to dive into on his Soundcloud.

Sango – “Baile Somebody”

[soundcloud id=’131153299′]

Mashups get a bad rap these days but then someone like Sango comes along and breathes new life into the art of chopping up other people’s sounds. I could never get down with the ADD edits of Girl Talk so Sango’s ability to let a thread linger through a song is refreshing. Listening to so much new music, sometimes its nice to have a familiar face deep in a brand new song. Grab a whole album of Sango jams for just 1$ right now at his Bandcamp. I just did.

Stepdad – “Running (Does That Mean You Care?)”

[soundcloud id=’121894653′]

Its been too long since we heard from TBE faves (and SXSW alums) Stepdad but damn it sounds good to have them back and swinging for the fences of the sweaty basement dance party. Grand Rapids, Michigan, be proud!

[MP3] The Swellers – “Hands”

they say a real man does his own stunts, and to measure twice and jump once

♫ The Swellers – Hands

  • Who: 4 dudes.
  • What: Garage pop rock, like The Gaslight Anthem, Yournalist, The Sweet Serenades
  • Where: Flint, MI + Facebook
  • When: Buy new EP Running Out Of Places to Go now.
  • Why: It’s  shame big catchy pop-punk isn’t cool anymore because I could do with a lot more of it in my life, and I think The Swellers would be getting a lot more love. These guys have been grinding out jams since 2002! And I just heard them. Thats just wrong.