CROOKERS collaborate with everyone except the count of TRANSILVANIA

it’s a dark and lonely beautiful place i’m in

♫ Crookers – Transilvania (feat. Steed Lord)

Crookers are best know for their chart-devouring remix of Kid Cudi’s “Day N Nite” and have spent the past year trying to get out from under their own shadow. Track after track has drifted through my speakers and still nothing to write home about. Until now. “Transilvania” is definitely not their best work but it is the first jam from their upcoming Tons Of Friends LP that has got me pumped for it. Steed Lord joins the epic cast of collaborators, lending a weirdo vocal track that perfectly complements the foreboding beat-fest that is best enjoyed towards the later end of a substance-filled evening. In other news, Miike Snow collaborated on Crookers’ debut and I’ve found the track and included it below. Crookers’ themselves tell the story of the track’s inception but fellow Miike fans will find it a curious read, especially when you consider that Miike Snow’s version includes no credit to Crookers in the liner notes. Regular readers can guess which version I prefer.

♫ Crookers – Remedy (Feat. Miike Snow)

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MIIKE SNOW make me want to spend a BILLIE on my next HOLIDAY

when the sun shines down it shines on both of us

♫ Miike Snow – Billie Holiday

A new non-album track from a band would normally fit right into a TBE Digest but since this is Miike Snow we are talking about “Billie Holiday” gets her own post. I have no idea when this jam first hit the internets but it’s new to me (thanks to reader hen!). A Google search reveals that this page on the Miike Snow website but there are no internal links to it. Whatever, semi-secrecy aside, the fact that this jam didn’t make the cut on their LP seems to have more to do with it’s sound than quality. It’s a bit heavier and more ominous than the rest of the album but is nonetheless fantastic. I’m still shocked that Pitchfork gave their album a 5.0. Just no hope for some, I guess. Anyway, I couldn’t think of a better treat to kick off February!

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The Best Albums of 2009 / The Top 15

This is it. The best of the best. As determined by me and in alphabetical-by-artist order. This list has been a labor of love and it is an honor to pay tribute to so many fantastic albums. With that said, don’t hesitate to lift your leg and leave your own mark in the comments. Or just track down the albums here that you don’t know and get down with a good set of headphone. I know these lists are self indulgent and often pointless but they are fun nonetheless. A big thank you to all the TBE readers who stick with me day after day and trudge through my ramblings. Ok, I’m out. Carry on! Read more

The 29 Best Remixes of 2009

I don’t know about you but 2009 was the year I fell in live with remixes. Starting TBE opened up my world to so many amazing reinterpretations of both great and not so great songs. Having always been more of a cover song guy this was new territory for me but I dove in headfirst and have been enjoying the ride so far. Good music is a personal thing and messing with great music is even more so. This is very much a subjective list and is based on nothing besides how much I love and respect the work done. Oh, and the numbering system is pretty much bullshit but I had to put them in some kind of order. Anyway, enjoy. I certainly have.

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Remix Roundup Vol. 15 – 1.4.10

World's Smallest Snowman

This roundup was supposed to drop New Years Eve but a surprise spate of internet loss has it coming out today. Thanks web gods! Anyway, let’s wrap up 2009 with this batch of sweet, sweet remixes. And look out for TBE’s Best Remixes of ’09 list, coming soon!

Tracks after the jump and zip. file at the bottom.

And as always, if you want more sweet jams by these artists then use the Tag links at the bottom of the post.

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Miike Snow: The Band, The Facts, The Music

miikeI just got home from seeing Miike Snow for the 3rd time. As my mind recovers from their fantastic live show I figure we should go over the facts…

• Miike Snow is a band, not a man. They are made up of American Andrew Wyatt and Swedish producers/multi-instrumentalists Christian Karlsson & Pontus Winnberg (Bloodshy & Avant).

♫ Maroon 5 – Little Of Your Time (Bloodshy & Avant remix) ♡

• Andrew Wyatt, at 18, formed the Funkraphiliacs with Greg Kurstin (the “geggy” in Geggy Tah and Read more

TBE Exclusive! /// DJ Bouji and the ‘Just Quit’ Mix

djbouji_logodo you enjoy what you do? if not, don’t stop, don’t say shit

♫ Trackademicks vs. Sammy Bananas – Enjoy What You Do (Bouji Mash N Slash)

Just when you thought you weren’t going to be getting an exclusive mixtape to jam to all weekend, BAM, here it is! Surprises are fun as hell, but not nearly as fun as this buttery smooth funk-fest that L.A.’s own DJ Bouji has served up for us. I have seen this guy spin a few times and he always lights it up with his flow. His Just Quit mix is no different as he mixes genres, decades, and styles into one big party anthem. If you have been listening to his Mash N Slash of Sammy Bananas remix of Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do” then you know what’s up. If you check out the tracklist after the jump you’ll see Miike Snow rolled into Peter Gabriel and Kings Of Leon paving the way for The Outfield. I love it. Download the whole thing below and have a kick ass weekend.

Download DJ Bouji’s Just Quit mix

– Alt link @ zShare (.m4a) –

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 8 – Reflect & Unwind

I can’t believe it’s August already. I can’t believe TBE is almost 6 months old. I can’t believe this is the 8th roundup of remixes. I can’t believe you are still reading this. OK, now I really can’t believe it. I cant. Seriously, nothing you say can make me believe you are still reading this. It’s called belief dude, it’s personal, I don’t have to explain or justify it. I mean, yeah, I guess if I saw you reading it I would ‘believe’ but that’s not even the point. The point is that there are so many fresh remixes down there and you are still reading this garbage. Some people, man, some people.

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