Mirror Talk – “1997”

Music for… back alley choreographed knife fights over girls with big hair.

Location: LA

Future: More heartbreak. More knife fights.

[PREMIERE] Mirror Talk EP – w/ “Too Late To Start”

The man in that album art looks like he wouldn’t be mad if you didn’t dance to Mirror Talk’s music…. he would just be disappointed. The Los Angeles band’s debut 3 song EP takes body moving beats and rhythms very seriously. These are big songs for dark rooms, built for turning up the volume and the heat. Listening to these jams on repeat I’m really struggling to find a favorite. I thought it was “Too Late To Start” but then I heard the second rack… and then the third. I love the emotion he lays out in all his vocals. This is what Hurts should be sounding like today! There is real texture here.

Catch them live on Friday Nov 8th at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood! No wallflowers allowed!