Molly Moore – “Vibes feat Keenan Charles”

[LIVE] 7/9 @ The Spare Room: Molly Moore + Brandyn Burnette, & Le Swish

Another big night at The Spare Room tomorrow night!

Returning champs Le Swish will kick things off with their funked out indie pop grooves designed to move. I recommend bringing your own cocktail umbrellas for these guys.

Then Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore return with a full band to bring the heat and grooves. Two great talents in their own right are even better when combining forces in one set.

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Molly Moore – “Don’t Believe It” + LIVE Tonight @ The Spare Room

“The best world is the one you make” is some pretty damn good advice from Molly Moore on this highly infectious new pop jammer. Its a song for blasting through car windows so loud that the car next to you starts singing along too. Get on that today and then make your night all about Molly’s live show at The Spare Room. “Don’t Believe It” was co-written with  Read more

Molly Moore – “Natural Disaster”

Sounds like… the kind of sweet sounding, bitter infused, dark pop that you crank in the car cursing out exes by singing along at the top of your lungs. Work through those demons. Molly has, and look how great that came out sounding.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: A couple more jams at her Soundcloud.