MONA – “In The Middle” // Martin Wittfooth

Few things get the blood pumping like walking around with MONA blasting in your headphones. I pity the fool that cuts in front of me on the sidewalk because I will literally air-guitar him into oblivion. I’m so stoked MONA is back. Dive into their new EP here.

[STREAM] Smoke & Jackal – “No Tell”

she only came to give some head, she making messes in my bed

  • Who: Kings of Leon’s Bassist Jared Followill & Mona’s frontman Nick Brown.
  • What: Garage sex folk, like The Griswolds, Kings of Leon, Mona.
  • Where: Nashville, TN + Soundcloud
  • When: Buy EP1 on October 16th.
  • Why: Kings of Leon are a big sounding band. Mona are a big sounding band. So its kind of a surprise to hear that “No Tell” is a rather small sounding song. Don’t get me wrong, play it enough times and it will be etched in your head like a moonshine hangover, but it is no party starter. More like a party closer. The song that comes on when you are driving home and the sun is breaking behind the hills and she has her head on your shoulder and you sing quietly to yourself, thinking of another time and place.

[QUICKIE] Mona – MONA (w/ “Lean Into The Fall”)

is it sex or is it love, hoping you don’t call my bluff

♫ Mona – Lean Into The Fall (Piano Version)

Listen to “Lean Into The Fall” “Shooting The Moon” or “Listen To Your Love” & you know there is heart. And rock. And roll. Underrated magic.

[Quickies are mini-reviews that can fit into a 140 character tweet. They are of albums that people already know of but perhaps are curious about our take on it. What did you think of the disc?]

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[AD] Las Vegas Spin-Off Mona Remix Competition

The Las Vegas Spin-Off remix competition we mentioned a while back is heating up as the 7 finalists will be announced tomorrow (Sept. 15th) at 11pm CEST. Then they will compete LIVE in the Vegas Spin-Off on Monday 9/26 at Marquee nightclub (details here). If you are anywhere near there then hit that up for sure! The song that people remixed was Mona’s “Listen To Your Love” and there are some great results! Head to the contest’s Facebook page to listen and catch the top 7 tomorrow!

Brandon’s TBE Digest 22 [4.10.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

Watch out! ITS A BIG ONE! Bold is gold.

For more jams by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!


♫ Jamaica – 1324 Jericho / New Jamaica track from their debut album I’ve yet to be inspired to listen to. Anyone heard it? This one is kinda basic but fun.

♫ Operator Please – Catapult / Australia’s Operator Please dropped a couple super-fun jams a few years back. Their latest has some spunk to it too.

♫ TV On The Radio – Caffeinated Consciousness / Well, it’s certainly no “Wolf Like Me.” New album is Read more

[MP3] MONA are a band to LISTEN TO. YOUR ears will LOVE it.

come on don’t you know i wanna see you, it won’t suck, yeah

♫ Mona – Listen To Your Love

Mona have been gathering some blog buzz for a while now but if you missed them they are definitely worth your attention. First single “Listen To Your Love” is all melodic guitar shredding and throwback vocals that wrap around a raw rock song that is full of both swagger and heart. Formed in the unlikely city of Nashville, Tennessee, it’s perhaps that very unique musical crossroads that informs their fresh sound. Second single “Trouble On The Way” is from their debut self-titled album, out in May from Mercury Records. However, I say dive into third single “Teenager” below. The video and song both sizzle… in different ways.  Read more