Men I Trust – “Tailwhip” // Michael Haddad

“Tailwhip” immediately commits itself to a singular groove that lasts for the whole track, and us listeners really reap the rewards. Men I Trust’s latest is the new champion of subdued dancing. It’s guaranteed to make the next three-minutes-and-forty-five-seconds go by swimmingly.

Keep dancing with Men I Trust’s “Lauren”, as heard on VINYL MOON Volume 018: Intrepid Curves.

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Wolfie’s Just Fine – “It’s a Job”

Jobs and tales of workplace drudgery are everyday normal occurrences for most guys, me included. But none of my songs I’ve ever whistled while I worked do quite the trick that cranking up “It’s A Job” is doing today. Wolfie’s Just Fine makes me want to stand on my desk and sing along before going outside for a 5 minute break to bask in a few rays of sun. Its a mini vacation for the mind. A quick trip somewhere with a bit more wonder then my own office.  Read more

Naadei – “Cool Friends” [Prod. Shaqarts]

Nobody likes to feel inadequate but we all know those people that just ooze a coolness we cant help but envy. “Cool Friends” rides a weird line between fragile anthem and smitten ode. It’s aspirational and self effacing all at once. A raw tale of feelings that we can all relate to.  Read more

Seoul – “White Morning”

There isn’t much to do in this October California heatwave then strip off your sticky clothes and put on a record for daydreaming. Drift off into a nap or think about that one time, well, you remember… I’m a little late to Seoul’s stellar album I Become A Shade but its the exact right record for these afternoons. Dreamy and groovy in all the right ways. Turn it up and float away.

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Milk & Bone – “Milk & Bone – Coconut Water”

Music for… mining the memory bank for memories of sitting in the sun with some delicious coconut water to quench your thirst. Preferably the kind straight from a young coconut. The one most appropriate for this smooth and pure love jam.

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Future: Its been a few months since the beautifully named Milk & Bone released this jam and their 1 other track “NYC” so seems prime time for more goodness.

[MP3] ANGO – “Paralyzed”

let me move with you

♫ Ango – Paralyzed

  • Who: Andrew Gordon Macpherson
  • What: Spook grooves, like Evian Christ, The xx, Purity Ring
  • Where: Montreal, Canada + Facebook
  • When: Get his debut LP Serpentine for free now.
  • Why: Dark shuffling rhythms pop and flinch under synths and sensual crooning vocals. Dance standing up or dance laying down, either way your body is gonna be anything but paralyzed.

[MP3] Hexes & Ohs – “The Colors”

red is for passion, its always in fashion

♫ Hexes & Ohs – The Colors

  • Who: At least one guy and one girl (judging by the video)
  • What: Mystical groove pop, like Phoenix, Cut Copy, Death Cab For Cutie
  • Where: Montreal, Canada + Facebook
  • When: New album Thank You is out May 22nd.
  • Why: It starts with a distant guitar groove. It continues with nimble bass line. It fills out with drums as the volume blossoms. Then the vocals come. In the end it’s hard to tell which element sounds the best. They all climb on each other as the song’s whisks along like a car on hugging the corners of a fog drenched country road.

[MP3/VIDEO] Grimes – “Vanessa” & “Oblivion”

i need someone now to look into my eyes and tell me girl you know you’ve gotta watch your health

♫ Grimes – Oblivion

  • Who: Claire Boucher
  • What: Angelic freak pop, like Lykki Li, Austra
  • Where: Montreal, Canada + Facebook / Amazon
  • When: 3rd LP Visions is out now.
  • Why: Hearing the name “Grimes” doesn’t quite conjure up anything like the image you see at right and that’s one of the reasons I didn’t realize I loved Grimes for a long time. Based on the name I made assumptions about dirty, lo-fi, distortion, etc. Then I was in Austin for SXSW and dancing my ass off at Barbarella and this beautiful beat came on the PA followed by this china-fine voice that slipped through my ears. “This is Grimes,” Joel told me. And then I was hooked. “Oblivion” is a hyper-infectious groove machine that bounces through a foggy forrest of elastic bass. Boucher’s voice punches through the haze with it’s own slippery rhythm and the whole thing is magical. Turn it up.

♫ Grimes – Vanessa

Upon realizing Grimes has been around forever in Internet years (3 albums), I nabbed a few tracks floating around and “Vanessa” is one of those gems. A slower experience but equally enthralling. Now that I have found myself in Montreal this weekend it seems appropriate to write about Grimes. And also time to catch up to present day and get my hands on Visions. While I do, I highly recommend joining Grimes in her video for “Oblivion.” Suddenly all that arena sports crap looks appealing if I got to wave hot dogs with Claire. And that’s not a euphemism. Maybe.