Morning Parade – “Alienation” (Morning Parade x Grouplove [& Stache] Remix)

A lot of cooks in the kitchen of this remix but the result is a wonderfully dark and twisted take on the new Morning Parade jam “Alienation”. Gritty percussion bumps and pulses under the songs’ anthem-worthy chorus. Get weird.

[STREAM/MP3] Morning Parade – “Headlights”

like a rabbit in your headlights, i am the beckon to your call

  • Who: Steve, Chad, Phil, Ben, Andy
  • What: Rousing guitar rock, like Mona, Joywave, Y Luv
  • Where: Essex, UK + Facebook
  • When: Self titled album is out now.
  • Why: Morning Parade caught my attention last year with their unabashed 90s alt-rock jam “Close To Your Heart” and it’s big guitar riffage action. Their self titled album has another large jam on that is worth cranking up and air guitaring to. “Headlights” is a maximal radio rock jam built for speed and emotion and I mean that in the best way. Sometimes you just want to get wrapped up in a rock song and sing your heart out. Catch the video and grab the mp3 of new single “Us and Ourselves” below.

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Remix Party Playlist Vol. 63 – 4.14.2012 [Lily Allen, Morning Parade, Phil Collins, Madeon and more…]

Because sometimes Saturday is a good day for a fresh batch of remixes.

I’m back to butter up your eardrums with some radicool (yes, I know radicool isn’t a real word, but in my vocabulary- it is) jams.  As you know, our cold lockers are packed to the gills with sonic tunes and electronic robots.  We are quickly approaching the night, and frankly the time to start getting saucy, nurdy, weird, (insert adjective here) etc.   So look, right now I’m envisioning what is to be the first global cyber dance party ever… and guess what?  You’re all invited.  I’ve got the jams, you’ve got the moves, so lets do this.

Shout out to all the followers from South Africa and around the world.  We love hearing from you guys.

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♫ Miike Snow – Devil’s Work (Henry Fong Bootleg Remix)

♫ Niki & The Dove – Mother Protect (Goldroom Remix)

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[MP3] Morning Parade – “Close To Your Heart”

you were born to run, to run alone, so let tonight unfold

♫ Morning Parade – Close To Your Heart

I remember when I was growing up and “Flashback Sundays” were all 80s music. Now I wonder if radio stations have “Flashback” days that are all 90s? Well you could probably slip this bad boy in there and everybody would keep nodding along like they had heard it before. That is a compliment. Essex’s Morning Parade deal in in straightforward alternative rock that is crisply refreshing in todays synth heavy blogosphere. So maybe it doesn’t bring you back like me but just feel that build at the end of the 3rd minute and tell me this jam doesn’t bring you somewhere.

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