Motherhood – “Hey You” // Chiara Dal Maso

Sometimes you need a dose of bombastic, in your face indie pop; “Hey You” delivers in spades. Tasteful use of synths let the track border on synth-pop, but honestly, it’s more complex than that. Like a dancier Andrew McMahon, Motherhood confidently provides the soundtrack for your weekend, and many weekends to come.

Be sure to check out Motherhood’s track on VINYL MOON Vol 027: Skyride.

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Motherhood – “Save Me” // Sarah Haug

“Save Me” is your bittersweet feel-good rock hit of the summer. It’s an ode to those teenage loves that could (or should) be something more, but even if you don’t have that “one that got away”, there’s more than enough funky bass and stadium-guitar to relate to. You’ll be singing along by the last chorus.

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