[MP3] MSTRKRFT are ready to rock some BEARDS AGAIN

♫ MSTRKRFT – Beards Again

MSTRKRFT have always been better at remixing others than crafting their own songs but every once in while they pull out a jam. “Beard Again” is not redefining dance music but it is certainly a functional piece of guitar grinding and speaker shredding music. Use it to get you in the mindset to do something really intense. Like eating Taco Bell on an empty stomach or rubbing wasabi on your eyeballs. Or growing a beard… I guess… The track is being offered up free on their website along with the glitchier and more lazer-heavy “Back In The USSA.” I’m just hoping that still on the right is from an upcoming video.

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TBE Exclusive! /// DJ Bouji and the ‘Just Quit’ Mix

djbouji_logodo you enjoy what you do? if not, don’t stop, don’t say shit

♫ Trackademicks vs. Sammy Bananas – Enjoy What You Do (Bouji Mash N Slash)

Just when you thought you weren’t going to be getting an exclusive mixtape to jam to all weekend, BAM, here it is! Surprises are fun as hell, but not nearly as fun as this buttery smooth funk-fest that L.A.’s own DJ Bouji has served up for us. I have seen this guy spin a few times and he always lights it up with his flow. His Just Quit mix is no different as he mixes genres, decades, and styles into one big party anthem. If you have been listening to his Mash N Slash of Sammy Bananas remix of Trackademicks “Enjoy What You Do” then you know what’s up. If you check out the tracklist after the jump you’ll see Miike Snow rolled into Peter Gabriel and Kings Of Leon paving the way for The Outfield. I love it. Download the whole thing below and have a kick ass weekend.

Download DJ Bouji’s Just Quit mix

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Remix Roundup /// Vol. 7 – The Beast

Holy shit. I just finished putting together this Roundup and it’s a beast! Fantastic remixes of Miike Snow, La Roux, Lykke Li, Phoenix, MSTRKRFT, Daniel Merriweather, and oh so many more. I won’t waste much time here cause you people have work to do after the jump. Oh, and regular readers will notice a few new features. I hope they make your Roundup experience just that much more buttery smooth.

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MSTRKRFT and John Legend are a bunch of Heartbreakers


i can’t look at you and you know why

MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (feat. John Legend)

I really don’t like MSTRKRFT. OK, I really don’t like MSTRKRFT on their own. Their remixes are usually super on point but their own tunes are usually borderline unlistenable. They have always been obsessed with their own image and when I saw them play live they seemed more interested in their cigarettes and Crown Royal then in playing any decent music (no remixes?!). Well, recently they recruited John Legend to do vocals on a track off of their new LP. The whole thing screams “cheap gimmick,” especially because “Heartbreaker” doesn’t sound like a MSTRKRFT song at all. It’s not self indulgent, it’s listenable, and by golly, I think I like it. It took a few few listens to get over myself my disdain for MSTRKRAP but I am sold. This song is a jam. And so is that artwork! (Waaay better than the album artwork.)

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