Mt. Joy – “New President”

Mt. Joy – “Rearrange Us”

Mt. Joy – “Dirty Love” + Vinyl Giveaway // Nosego

Mt. Joy’s debut self-titled album is shaping up to be a slam dunk, with their new single “Dirty Love” being no exception. The soul that is conjured underneath the indie folk blanket is unrivaled. Every note that is played or sung is confident as all hell while maintaining enough vulnerability to let the listener in. Put this album on your radar for its 3/2 release.

VINYL MOON is also giving away a copy of their album, on clear vinyl, on Instagram. Go comment on THIS POST to enter, good luck! If you don’t win you can always get more Mt. Joy in your life with their fantastic “Sheep” on VINYL MOON Nightshining.

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Mt. Joy – “Jenny Jenkins” // Anna Mond

“Jenny Jenkins” grabs you by the collar and throws you onto a horse, galloping into the dead of the night. A great indie country/folk track with some singalong melodies and mighty vocals to tie it all together. If there ever was a song to drink whiskey to, this would be it.

Make sure you check out Mt. Joy’s track “Sheep” on VINYL MOON Volume 026, Nightshining

VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining

We’re excited to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a collection of songs from new breakout artists, along with exciting artwork and design from the hottest visual artists around.

Volume 026: Nightshining embraces the duality of light and dark. A hyperglossy 3-panel gatefold jacket showcases the surreal photography of Marilyn Mugot, whose shots seem to take place in a weird in-between of dusk, dawn, night, and day. The record itself is housed in a middle pocket, which slides out to unveil its midnight-violet translucent vinyl.

TBE readers will recognize artists such as Mt. Joy, Leo Law, Shoffy, and more. It all comes together with

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Mt. Joy – “Cardinal” // Gregory Euclide

I don’t care if Mt. Joy is singing about snow angels and Pennsylvania in the winter. “Cardinal” makes me want to roll out a picnic blanket, bust out the lemonade, and invite all my ne’er-do-well friends out for some daytime debauchery. Joey’s bringing a flask, and Corinne knows a good spot to buy fireworks on the way there. Come hang with Mt. Joy and the other weirdos.

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Mt. Joy – “Sheep” + “Astrovan” // Rob Sato

As the world heads into some seriously uncertain times it is so nice to have songs like “Sheep” to comfort the soul. Great minds making great music for the great people of this planet. I’ve been listening on repeat all day and feel better with every spin.

Everyone may not agree with their sentiment on “Sheep”, orassertionsertian that Jesus drives an Astrovan (below) but I think we can all agree that these vibes are universal and the album art is 100% on point.

Get into Mt. Joy on Spotify too.

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