The Gay Blades bring it with O Shot


and the courage to change the things i can

The Gay Blades – O Shot

OK, where do I even start?  The Gay Blades are two dudes from the NYC area that have developed (and perfected) what they call “Trash Pop.” Don’t ask what that means, just listen to “O Shot,” the album opener off their stellar debut LP Ghosts. I withheld The Gay Blades from my What Up ’08? mix for only one reason: they are so good I didn’t want them to get lost in the shuffle. Grab this track, grab their album, and grab a hold of your eyeballs as you ponder this piece of music video wonderment which was made by some dear friends of TBE.

The Gay Blades on MySpace

Little Boots is Meddling with my ears


cause she’s a mixed up girl in a mixed up world

Little Boots – Meddle

So I sat down to post the Watch Out ’09 mix and I was suddenly paralyzed by a fear that my beloved Little Boots would be lost in the shuffle and go under appreciated. That’s why I have decided to hold off on the mix until tomorrow. Until Then…

Bask in the diminutive glory that is Little Boots! If you haven’t heard of this wee synth powerhouse yet then you clearly haven’t been eavesdropping on my iPod (or reading any music blog with a pulse). Besides sweeping awards all over the damn place she has a fantastic YouTube page where she takes viewer requests for songs to cover and then does so with a variety of bleepy-blippy-flashy instruments. I highly reccomend you sink your aural teeth deep into this one. And if Meddle doesn’t put a little swagger in your scroll then let this remix drop on your dome.

Little Boots – Meddle (Designer Drugs 80s Coke Jam Remix)

Get your downloading fingers flexed and an iTunes playlist ready cause tomorrow you are getting a muy caliente mix.

Little Boots on MySpace