MUNA – “Promise”

We all the know the look. The one that comes across the room like a dart, lodging in the back of your skull and dripping disappointment and disgust like a broken faucet. Its a look that will you stop you cold in your tracks and make you revaluate everything you have ever done to possibly deserve it. Some of us tip toe through relationships avoiding that look at all costs. The girls in Muna got the look, and aren’t even going to apologize for deserving it. That is why they are so badass. And why they will take over the world someday. You have been warned.  Read more

MUNA – “So Special”

When you are a teenage girl just trying to live normal it can be hard to acknowledge the super powers brewing within you. You tell yourself you are not special. You force yourself to blend in. But then you hear a song in your head that triggers forces within you and the next thing you know you are commanding elemental forces you only just started learning about in school.  Read more

MUNA – “Feel Better”

Sounds Like… some sort of magical groove box flashing back to an era I only know in dreams and old music videos.

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Future: For a band of 3 girls in LA, escaping Haim comparisons is on the list. In the meantime, the More Future EP is free now at Bandcamp.