The 25 Best Songs of 2010… Since Then (July-Dec.)

Here it is, for better or worse, for agreement or not, my list of the top 25 jams that rocked and/or rolled my ass during the second half of 2010. This is the 4th such list in TBE history and by far the most quality collection. There were  so many tracks that didn’t make the cut, and so many more that I think should be ranked higher. Can’t put ’em all in the top 10, now can I? Anyway, like all my lists, the ranking is loose. The quality, however, is tight as a drum… a tom-tom drum, perhaps…

25. ♫ Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow / Annnnd, this is why we don’t do year end lists before the YEAR ENDS. A late entry to my iTunes and an instant favorite. Swagger city up in this one! Push to start!

24. ♫ Fabolous – You Be Killin Em / Naw, Fabo, YOU be killen ’em. Niiice.

23. ♫ Muscles – Girl Crazy Go / Should be called “Brandon Crazy Go” cause that’s what happens. It’s like Read more

The Best Songs of 2010 for Shaking Your Ass/Rump/Donk/Moneymaker/What Your Mama Gave You: A New Years Eve Collection

The year comes to a close tomorrow and it’s time to start compiling those “Best Of” lists we all love. What better way to kick things off than with a mega-mix of the year’s best ass-shaking jams. Those tracks that just take a hold and force you to dip that hip, and just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Some are originals, some are remixes, and some are mashups. It’s no means a definitive list nor are the tracks in any sort of ranking. These are the tracks that have gotten my blood pumping all year long and so what better way to celebrate them than letting them ring in the new year! More specific lists coming once the year actually ends!

I’ve broken them down into three parts for easier navigation. If these lists were hot sauces they would Read more

[EP] MUSCLES on a GIRL is a CRAZY thing to GO for. Kinda.

take two steps back, cause you know me, these girls go crazy

♫ Muscles – Girl Crazy Go

So I was only a few years late to the Muscles train but now I’m riding it with my head out the window and enjoying myself immensely. In my better-late-than-never coverage of Guns, Babes, Lemonade I included the epic video for Muscles new single “Girl Crazy Go” but didn’t yet have an mp3 for it. Well, thanks to an awesome TBE reader I got my mitts on one and here it is for all y’all to get hectic to. It’s a powerhouse of buzz-saw synths, amped up handclaps and not meant to be cranked recklessly. Our man from down under dropped the Younger & Immature EP recently and besides this ode to party girls everywhere, includes the great “Love Struck” and “Northern Beaches.” Whatever you do, make you you get into this video. It’s seriously serious business but I think you can handle it. Read more


but i still wanna touch it if you let me because we hugged a few times and it was special

♫ Muscles – Sweaty

So I’m 3 years late on this guy but Australia’s Muscles is well worth getting acquainted with. He first caught my eye with the amazing and intense video for his new single “Girl Crazy Go”, causing me to immediately buy his 2007 debut LP Guns, Babes, Lemonade. Let me focus on that album for a bit because there is a lot of awesomeness going on that needs to be addressed. Right from that album art and title combo we know this guy has come to party and album opener “Sweaty” is living proof. The main complaint against Muscles is his semi-grating voice (a bastard talk-sing mix of Calvin Harris and James Murphy) but it quickly grew on me and only adds to his appeal as the guy next door who just wants to throw mad parties and get crazy with his friends. Every track on the album is packed with huge hooks, immediately catchy sing-along lyrics, and tons of “WHoooo”s and “YEaaahhh!”s that are perfect for one handed fist pumping between gulps of beer. “Sweaty” was my immediate favorite but that’s probably just cause it’s first on the disc. Choosing a second jam to share with you all wan’t easy because each time I listen to the album I fall in live with a different track.

♫ Muscles – Lauren From Glebe

“Lauren From Glebe” is today’s favorite so I’m going with it. It’s a perfect combination of all of Muscles passions: partying, friends, dancing, and romance. Oh, and yelling “woooo” a lot. My kind of guy. I already love this album and it’s still getting better with each listen so treat your weekend right and add it to the festivities. Also check out one more track with the video for another album favorite “The Lake” below. Read more