[MP3] Nova Albion -“City Streets” (MyKill Remix)

Nova Albion used to be called Music For Animals back when I first covered “City Streets” 2 years ago. They have since moved cities (SF to LA) and changed names but continue to bring the jams. This remix by TBE fave MyKill is a perfect re-introduction to the band. And still perfect for rocking to with headphones as you walk the fall streets of your city.

[MP3] Music For Animals – “City Streets”

how you gonna pay for the ring? how you gonna tell your baby when the money’s all spent?

♫ Music For Animals – City Streets

If you are at all like me then a pair of headphones and a deserted street can easily lead to some high volume out of tune singing as you rock out on your iDevice. This is a dangerous practice since head-back wailing is not conducive to spotting the babe across the street who just rounded the corner and is now fully judging you. But sometime it has to be done and songs like this are those times. I mean the song is called “City Streets”! Add that to the raucous sing along melodies and that killer guitar solo at 1:20 and you might hurt yourself not rocking out in public. Anyway, thanks to San Francisco’s Music For Animals for ruining any air of calm collectedness I may have been hoping to exude this weekend.

Artist links: Facebook / Bandcamp