VINYL MOON Volume 026: Nightshining

We’re excited to unveil the latest release from VINYL MOON, the one-of-a-kind record club that presses a collection of songs from new breakout artists, along with exciting artwork and design from the hottest visual artists around.

Volume 026: Nightshining embraces the duality of light and dark. A hyperglossy 3-panel gatefold jacket showcases the surreal photography of Marilyn Mugot, whose shots seem to take place in a weird in-between of dusk, dawn, night, and day. The record itself is housed in a middle pocket, which slides out to unveil its midnight-violet translucent vinyl.

TBE readers will recognize artists such as Mt. Joy, Leo Law, Shoffy, and more. It all comes together with

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Mustard & The Silverfish – “Jubilee Green” // Kelsey McClellan & Michelle Maguire

In “Jubilee Green,” Mustard & The Silverfish ask where their shoes are taking them, but I’m much more concerned about those cosmic organs taking me on an interplanetary journey that I’m not ready for. Not because I don’t want to go, but I forgot to bring a toothbrush. Does anyone know if there are pharmacies in space?

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