Mystery Skulls – “Paralyzed” + Video

Music for… those of us who have been waiting FOREVER for Mystery Skulls to put out new jams and finally blow up so we can all love him around the world and live better lives. So what if this song has been out for years, its a new version and comes with a video so rad that I forgive everything. So far Mystery Skulls has been dominating the video game. And I couldn’t be happier. Keep it weird, wonderful, and generally undead.

Location: Los Angeles

Future: A gang of “Paralyzed” remixes out now.

[VIDEO] MEGA Music Video Roundup – 8.22.14

It has been a hooooot minute since I dropped some magical eye candy music video madness on you but since its Friday and you are half checked for the weekend anyway I’m giving you the mother load here. Do not watch these if you have had too much coffee. Your brain may pop. But don’t skip any videos either! No cheating.

Alright, I’ve got my snacks. Lets go!

Chet Faker – Gold

GodWolf – See It Through Read more

[MP3] Mystery Skulls – “Unstoppable”

you don’t know how i’m capable and i don’t know what you’re looking for

♫ Mystery Skulls – Unstoppable

So now that Christmas is out of the way we can focus on gearing up to get disappointed by New Years Eve! Let the party tunes roll! The next week will see the Best Dance Songs and Best Remixes lists but for now we have the highly grooveable new bounce-slap band Mystery Skulls. They sound like Prince, have very little info about them, and are currently getting me pumped for some serious dance floor action!

Artist links: Facebook / Amazon