Elli Espi – “Daylight” (N8 ST9 Remix)

It may not be easy to decipher N8 ST9‘s name (its Nate Stein) but it sure is easy to like his smooth and pillowy electronic jams. Pair his warm production with the delicately beautiful vocals of Elli Espi and we’ve got a big winner here. This is going to be on repeat for a long time.

Make sure you listen to N8 ST9’s album Full Circle here.

N8 ST9 – “Morning Hero”

N8 ST9 - Morning Hero

Ever woken up with a hangover and felt like a hero for just getting out of bed and making it to work/class on time. This song may not be about that at all but cheers to you for being a survivor! Kick back to the soothing grooves of “Morning Hero” and drink plenty of water!