} TBE Digest 8 – 4.30.10 [Blur, Hole, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Passion Pit, Nada Surf…]

How-dilly, ho-dilly, neighbors! I’m currently cooking up all kinds of excitement behind the scenes here at TBE so I’m not gonna stick around and chat. You know the deal, these are the jams that are more ‘newsworthy’ then ‘noteworthy’ so that you can stay up to speed on all the latest music hitting the web without reading as many damn blogs as I do. To cleanse the palette I’ve got a bundle of covers to close things out. Enjoy!

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♫ Blur – Fool’s Day / Record Store Day is an annual thing and it happened not too long ago. Blur released their first new track in forever and this is it. It’s a good little jam but I imagine that If I had ever loved Blur then I would be into this more. Read more

NAPOLEON have nothing to do with BAGHDAD but ME AND THE HITMAN JOSEPH are fans

i’m too strong for the weak, to weak for the strong

♫ Napoleon – Baghdad, Me And The Hitman Joseph

Napoleon are a 10 pice glee-pop outfit from Sweden whose album Bohemians Won The Series And The Little Guy Joined The Band came out last October. I only received “Baghdad, Me…” a week ago and ‘ve already forgiven the band for that album title. Strap yourself in for this anthem ’cause we’ve got horns, finger snapping, “Oooooh”s, and harmonies coming out the wazoo. The song is supposedly inspired by a chance meeting with a busker who turned out to be a former hitman but I’m having trouble finding that part in the lyrics. Regardless, it’s a jam. I havent heard the rest of the album yet but perhaps someone else has?

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