Remix Roundup Vol. 19 / 4.2.10 / [RAC, Penguin Prison, Neon Trees, Hot Chip …]

You ask, you receive. Remixes are back with more reading for your pleasure! Crank that volume knob and dive in!

♫ Penguin Prison – Worse It Gets (RAC Mix) / Damn. Jams don’t get much fresher than this. I haven’t heard the original yet but I couldn’t wait another moment to share this slice of audio perfection. Penguin Prison and RAC are both firing on all cylinders on this buttery smooth funk fest. This jam could cure depression if administered in daily doses. For reals.

♫ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes – Home (RAC Mix) / RAC doing his magic on this recent modern classic of a love song. This kind of remix is a perfect example of why I love RAC so much. the dude can pack on the beats and make Read more

NEON TREES have titled another jam ANIMAL

what are you waiting for, say goodbye to my heart tonight

♫ Neon Trees – Animal

Seriously guys, can we title our jams something other than “Animal”? This is like the 5th TBE jam with that name (or it’s plural). Anyway, Neon Trees are from Provo, Utah and sound like The Killers younger, goofier, and less angsty little brother. I realize that this is a sugary sweet radio jam but I can’t help but love it and have been singing along to with those “Oh Oh”s since my first listen. Let me save you a potentially enthusiasm-altering experience and warn you against watching either versions of the music video. Neon Trees has an awesome chick drummer and engage in various silliness in the name of rocking our asses but that lead singer and his unfortunate haircut get a bit much seeing as he over-does his front-man shtick a bit. Anyway, enough negativity. This is my jam and I stand by it, tedious lead singer or not. Their debut LP Habits comes out next week and I have a feeling that we will all be hearing more from these guys and gal.

Bury your face in MySpace

NOTE: One of my favorite bands that hasn’t done much lately, Lola Ray, have Neon Trees’ in their top friends on MySpace, and vice-versa. Anyone know of a formal connection? That’s a tour I’d get stoked for. Lola Ray kill it live.