Neonderthal – “The Good Fight”

NEONDERTHAL – “Ready For Tonight”

With the lights off and the blinds drawn tight, it was somewhere around the 5th straight listen to Neonderthal‘s “Ready For Tonight” that I began to wonder who exactly was ready… Was it me? Or was it the rustling notice outside? The heavy breathing down the chimney? And then the microwave dinged and I realized it was the popcorn that was ready. Movie time! But how is that huge demon gonna fit on my small couch with me?  Read more

Neonderthal – “Lost & Found”

Sometimes a bit of sorrow is the only way. Even rockers like TBE faves Neonderthal need to tap into the pain and put it to song. Hell, we’ve all been utterly lost. But isn’t it so nice when a song comes along that make us found?  Read more

Neonderthal – “SOS” + “Breaking Away”

Music for… long drives down sunset roads with your life on your mind and one hand on the wheel. Then the horizon lifts its wings like a bird and the world before you takes a tumble into the psychedelic guitar solo at 2:00 and you realize its all a dream. Maybe you shouldn’t drink so much. Maybe you shouldn’t smoke so much. Or maybe you just need to get in the car and drive. Whenever you decide to stop, crank up “Breaking Away” to kickstart a dusty roadside dance party.

Location: Long Beach, CA

Future: Their self titled album was co-produced by the late Isaiah ‘Ikey’ Owens. Its out now and beautifully free.