[MP3] Knight One – “Hollow” ft. Poindexter + (Les Loups Remix)

Music for… letting go and not sweating the small stuff. “Here we are” states TBE fave Poindexter. “We don’t’ know where we’re going, you let go and I’ll get go” sounds just about perfect as a 2014 chillwave update of “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” as we are gonna get. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any chiller, Les Loups swoop in and flip the thing full of their slinky grooves. I call it the “Don’t Worry, Be Happier” remix.

Location: Netherlands

Future: More Knight One remixes out now.

[MP3] ROUTINES DON’T make music for you to over ANALYZE. Just go with it.

call me up, i hope we don’t get to say much

♫ Routines – Don’t Analyze

Dust off the dance floor because this jam gets my feet shuffling every time and I may be tempted to bust some moves my body can’t keep up with. In their own words, the Nijmegen, Netherlands, based trio “play totally danceable Indie Disco/Electro with super catchy vocals and a pinch of Chicago House.” Couldn’t have said it much better myself. That throwback synth hook has definitely found itself hummed under my breath over the past few weeks. Their solid self-titled EP is out now for pay-what-you-want and closes out with the also fantastic and catchy “Catastrophe.” Routines also just dropped another groover for streaming here.

Crank the amp at Bandcamp /// Amazon