Baba Ali – “I’ve Been Voodoo’d” // Kehinde Wiley

A blues song first, an electronic song second, Baba Ali revives the blues into full swing with his poignant and infectious track, “I’ve Been Voodoo’d.”  With a classic structural and melodic blues composition format (Boom-claps, anyone?) tinged with electronic production and contemporary lyricism, Baba Ali has built a sonic time capsule criticizing modern society the old fashioned way.  Perfect music for the gathering around the bonfire at the beach to escape the nets of society.

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LAZY SALON – “Hot Dinners” // Dan Lam

Perfect soundtrack to make shopping at the grocery store alone even more fun than it already is.  Each element in the production adds a splash of color into the listener’s life, evolving from a slightly neo-psychedelic sound.

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Lunch Ladies – “Love Is Overrated” // Craig Kucia

This one goes out to anyone staying in this weekend and the damn fine time they will have listening to Lunch Ladies and watching 80s movies.

Flamingosis – “Long Distance” // Eli Gabriel Halpern

Its the weekend and you’ll do what you want! Even if it is hollow inside. Don’t let anyone tell you how to be a vector. Flamingosis and I have your back (and your soundtrack!)

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Brick + Mortar – “Locked In A Cage”

I love me a good dance jam but I don’t hear nearly enough awesome guitar anthem alt rock like this these days. Life needs a balance! Thank goodness for New Jersey’s Brick + Mortar for keeping things a bit raw and ragged. Sing along with me! Oohh ooh oooh! Oohh ooh oooh!  

The Bangs EP is out now.

Blood Cultures – “Indian Summer”

With album art like that, a name like Blood Cultures, and a home state of New Jersey I would think we are dealing with an early 2000s hardcore band. But we aren’t. This is dream pop at its finest. So stop windmilling in the pit and get a cocktail bro!

[LP] Gaslight Anthem – HANDWRITTEN (w/ “Handwritten”)

i’m in love with the way you’re in love with the night

So I’m definitely one of those Gaslight Anthem fans that says The ’59 Sound is their best album but that’s probably because that’s the first one I heard so it hit much harder. American Slang grew to be one of my favorite albums of the year and Handwritten is making strides up my charts with every listen. Sometimes I think my expectations are perhaps too high but then the music wins out in the end and I feel ok just rocking out. Stream Handwritten here if you somehow haven’t heard it yet. Read more

[MP3] Delicate Steve – “Two Lovers”

♫ Delicate Steve – Two Lovers

  • Who: Steve
  • What: Hammock grooves, like Panama, Cookies, My Great Ghost
  • Where: Fredon, New Jersey + Facebook
  • When: LP Positive Force is out July 10th.
  • Why: Hot off the tails of one of the best music videos of 2011, Delicate Steve is blowing up these days. He just booked a tour with Yeasayer and dropped this tender plucker. I like the sound of Delicate Steve getting in touch with his moniker. Plus, 2 has always been my favorite number of lovers!