[PREMIERE] Wet Leather – “I Was Wrong” & “IWMU”

Wet Leather‘s latest track is made for gazing at lights from a disco ball from the edge of the party. You tap your feet and sway your hips, but you’re far too sad/morose/shy/cool/awkward to get on the floor. Instead, you watch the shuffling swing of the drums and the Prince-inspired guitar licks light up the rest of the dance circle. You mouth along with the lyrics, “I’m in love for the last time, I never want to do that again” as the lights flare up with the stargazing synths. But then you catch someone’s eye – did they just wink at you? And suddenly your friends are at your side, clapping your shoulders and pushing you towards the middle of the room, just in time for you to catch the peak of the final chorus.

We get to catch the rest of the party when Wet Leather drops their new EP, Present Lives, on February 2nd. Until then, keep your spirits high with the first single from the release, “IWMU”.

For even more Wet Leather, throw on “Astral Projection” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

Aaron Taos – “Alone feat. Shane Stokes” // Evija Laivina

If Aaron Taos wants to be left alone, dropping sweet tracks is a pretty bad way to go about doing it. But it’s great news for those of us who are sick of other people after a long day of hustling for tips, being harassed at bars, shoved into subways, sitting in traffic, standing in line, getting spilled on at shows, yelling over crowd noise, being asked way too many questions about our personal lives, losing the last piece of food to some bratty kid who’s already had three…wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. People suck. This song doesn’t.

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Hayes Peebles – “Airways” // Logan Jackson

“Airways” manages to be both simple and complex on the surface at the same time.  It follows a simple structure and pattern of the American country song, yet expands beyond the genre.  The result is a beautiful, innovative sound of a genre that Hayes Peebles seems to have mastered: indie folk-country.  Put “Airways” on at the countryside gathering beneath the celestial sky full of stars. Then make sure check out its B-Side “Bella”.

Get more of the awesome Hayes Peebles in your life with “Home” on Vinyl Moon: Might.

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O Mer – “Refugee” // Michael Marcelle

This fast-paced, rhythmically-driven is perfect to make your daily run around the neighborhood that much more exciting.  Alternatively, you can use this to motivate you to stay on task with work.  Whatever you do with this song, there’s a guarantee you’re gonna keep on doing it till the song is over.  Built on top of a complex, layered rhythm, “Refugee” knows how to push all the right musical buttons: throw a guitar lick there, a hit in the lower register of the synth here, and you’ll keep things sonically dynamic.

If you want another wonderful taste of O Mer, check out “Now I’m Alive” on Vinyl Moon Volume 009: Shifting States.

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Julietta – “Runaway (Yeasayer Remix)” // Naomi Harris

Great to play at a barbecue on the beach while playing volleyball or frisbee with your friends.  This remix of TBE fave “Runaway” adds a more electronic dance spin to the original song to add some more of that indie dance in your life.

Get more Julietta in your life with here killer jam “Beach Break” on VINYL MOON: Pink Portals!

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Aaron Taos – “Bangs” // Cesar Pélizer

There’s lots of reasons to play this at your next BBQ.

1. It’s a bonafide summer jam.

2. Fuzzed out guitar tones pair perfectly with grilled food.

3. There’s bound to be at least one person with bangs at the party, making this the perfect icebreaker or subtle hint to your trendy-haired crush.

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raveena – “Spell” // Nigel Barker

This is the slow dance you never want to end, dripping with both the “rhythm” and also the “blues” aspects of R&B. Even if you’re just listening by yourself, you might want to light some candles for this one.

Get some Raveena on vinyl with her song “You Give Me That” on VINYL MOON Volume 012: still. life.

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Glassio – “Papaya” // Daniela Scherer

“Papaya” feels equally at home on the dance floor or bumping from your best friend’s car stereo. Like its namesake fruit, the song is bursting with color and flavor. Take a bite, and don’t be afraid to let the juice drip down your chin.

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