Sean McVerry – “Red Light” // Art: Martin Ron

“Red Light” is a perfect slice of summer pop, all sun-specked synths and rhythms as well-suited for the dancefloor as they are for a pool float. But dig past the catchiness of the chorus and you’ll find lyrics with surprising depth, a narrator looking for self-meaning and self-preservation: “I try to keep myself from falling in the well / I think I’m breathing, but I can’t tell”. The cleverly penned lines are that much more insidious when tucked behind all those layers of glossy pop goodness – just the way I like it.

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PowerPCME – “Terminal Clouds (feat. Vaperror)” + Honda Civic, Windows Down” // David Biskup

PowerPCME’s “Terminal Clouds” is your psychedelic hot air balloon ride into the cosmos.  With phasing, complex synth tones and colorful electronic textures littered across the production, “Terminal Clouds” is as spacey as it is aesthetically melodic.  Be sure to take some time with “Honda Civic, Windows Down” another fantastic track from PowerPMCE’s great instrumental electronic dream album Endless Summer.

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Turkuaz – “On The Run” // Sebastian Velasco

This funky tune takes on the classic groovy disco-funk sound of the 70’s for a contemporary audience.  This jam is layered with all sorts of instruments that comprise the quintessential funk lineup, from the rhythmic electric keys, the Nile Rodgers and Chic-style guitar licks and bass lines, and blasting trumpet section.  With an unstoppable groove going on, you’re gonna want to turn on your inner John Travolta on the dance floor.

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Madeleine Dopico – “Saturday Night” // Jillian Evelyn

Madeleine Dopico defies genres with her music, driving her songs with booming, acoustic indie orchestration set to soulful vocals that could even impress Beyoncé.  The song’s final sonic product is a powerful gospel about healing from faults, reverberating through the church of Dopica’s psyche.

Listen to more Madelein Dopico in her newly-released EP, Poor Decision Making.

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Fort Lean – “Quiet Day” (Boody Remix ft. Heems) // Tarosuke

I’ve long been missing me some Heems but I never expected I was get my fix in a Fort Lean remix. Damn if I am not super pleasantly surprised. I’ve had this on repeat for days and love it more every time. Can we get a full EP of this, please?

Get more Fort Lean action with their ripper of a jam “Might’ve Misheard” on VINYL MOON: Space & Sound.

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Glassio – “Morning House (feat. Charles Fauna)” // Manon Wertenbroek

Let Glassio’s beats pull you out of your Monday shell and Charles Fauna’s silky voice calm your nerves as you face the week ahead. “Morning House” is a groover to keep on repeat until its infectious grooves have you sufficiently pumped!

Be sure to also get into the killer Charles Fauna (FKA Paideia) jam “Restless Child” on VINYL MOON Vol 014: From The Window

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Salt Cathedral – “Run For The Money” ft. Assassin // Kim Salt

I’m still coming down from our epic SXSW showcase on Saturday night. Salt Cathedral closed down the outdoor stage and absolutely killed it. So much fun to see them live! For all of you who missed it, just crank “Run For The Money” loud and get sweaty jumping around and it will be like you were there.

Listen on Spotify. Salt Cathedral’s debut record Big Waves/ Small Waves will be out in 2017!!

Get Salt Cathedral’s fabulous groover “No Ordinary Man” on VINYL MOON Vol 012: still. life.

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Everett Orr – “Can’t Let You Go” // Jake Grewal

Get out of your head and into the lush escape that is “Can’t Let You Go”.

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