Siobhan Sainte – “Midnight” // Jasmine Worth

Siobhan Sainte would be an excellent performer at a haunted house, because I get the impression that she’s equal parts terrifying and fun. Like a good scare, “Midnight” will get your adrenaline running.

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Jacqui Siu – “Fluorescent Lovers” // Johanna Goodman

I don’t know about you, but Jacqui Sui just convinced me that all pop songs should have jazzy basslines. Don your shades and sink into some future lounge vibes with “Fluorescent Lovers”.

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Prince Purple – “Slow Breeze” // Marc Martin

This year kick people’s spirits up a few notches and slip “Slow Breeze” into the playlist at your next holiday party. Its the perfect blend of funkiness and timelessness to get the whole room feeling sexy.

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Spycc – “Other Lover” Ft. HIGH HØØPS

Music for… confessing your passion for that main lover. Let em know how you feel, emo-tion-ally. You can’t say it, so sing it. With your body. That album art says it all.

Location: Stoneyhunga, New Zealand

Future: Hopefully more collaborations between Spycc and HIGH HØØPS (formerly of TBE faves Kids of 88)

Streets of Laredo – “Hey Rose”

Streets of Laredo describe themselves as “an indie-folk band of joy.” “Hey Rose” is exactly that. Warm, jangly, and persistently smile inducing. The Brroklyn via Auckland, New Zealand, band has a free EP out now and another coming out on the 22nd. Pardon me while I get acquainted.

[MP3] BROODS – “Bridges”

New Zealand’s Broods just broke onto the scene with this sparse bit of gorgeous beat music. I would say that this boy/girl producer/singer combo trend was getting out of hand if the results weren’t so good.

[EP] Lorde – THE LOVE CLUB (w/ “Million Dollar Bills”)


and now i’m letting you know

New Zealand’s Lorde is not just another indie-pop-girl riding the trend (even though she is Grimes-approved). Even though she is just 16, I feel like something great is going on here. This post is weeks late because I couldn’t figure out which track I liked best. So dive into her waves of tiny swagger and get funky with the chopped beats of “Million Dollar Bills,” the slow burn of “Royals,” or the laid back synth bounce of the title-track. Its all good in Lorde’s hood.

[MP3] KidsOf88 – “Tucan”

i want to go to a place that i know is real, i need to find a new place for my mind to heal

  • Who: Sam & Jordan
  • What: Tropical dream pop, like Monarchy, Tycho, Gemini Club 
  • Where: Auckland, New Zealand + Facebook
  • When: Buy new LP Modern Love now.
  • Why: The last time KidsOf88 graced these pages they had spaces in their name and a much more amped up electro dance sound. What a beautiful surprise it is to find “Tucan” showing off an amazing maturation into pared back tropical soul. The stuttering handclaps and minimal production set the perfect backdrop for the silky sunset vocals. I can’t stop playing it. The video is pretty enchanting as well. Beauty in simplicity.