Brandon’s TBE Digest 23 – [6.2.2011] New Jams, Remixes, Mashups & Covers!

Boy, this one was a long time coming. Either you are all quite patient or you didn’t notice. Either way I have been busy as heck which just means that all the tracks I had compiled got whittled down to just the gems. Rock.

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♫ Memory Tapes – Wait In The Dark / New Memory Tapes! This guy just has that touch. Never my favorite songs in the world but I always enjoy hearing them.

♫ Javelin – Cowpoke / Javelin released a new album of Read more

Remix Roundup Vol. 44 – 5.14.2011 [Kavinsky, Holy Ghost!, Martin Solveig, Justice and more…]

Duuu-ahhh Deeee Dee Dahh. Chickity Chikity booooom.

Keep it Nurdy

For more jams or by any of these artists use the ‘tags’ links at the bottom of the post!  Follow @JoelAlbers on Twitter for updates on remixes, dubstep and all things Nurdy.

♫ Alexander- Truth (White Arrows Remix)

♫ Kavinsky – Nightcall (Beaumont remix)

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[MP3] NEWVILLAGER send a beacon of good vibes as if from a LIGHTHOUSE

keep it up don’t stop don’t lose your place

♫ NewVillager – Lighthouse

It’s been almost 2 years since NewVillager’s “Rich Doors” stomped and swooned through this site but they are finally back with another dose of oddball indie goodness. “Lighthouse” flutters and pops with all sorts of instruments and vocal elasticity. A perfect jam for putting a little pep in your Monday step. Dive into the video (below) for a taste of NewVillager’s other talents. The band is only one (albeit major) facet of the Brooklyn based artist collective.  Read more

NewVillager stomp on Rich Doors


you got the right sound, rich enough to take ’em down

NewVillager – Rich Doors

TBE recipe for summer success: Handclaps and stomping bass. Throw them both in at a songs intro and you’ve got pure gold. “Rich Doors” only gets better from there as the song stomps along, plundering your room’s acoustics and making you wish you could sing in that high pitched voice and still be cool. (He can. You can’t.)

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