Hidden Charms – “It’s Time”

Sounds like… you accidentally plugged your speakers into a AM radio from your parents attic. Wait, not your parents, your drunk uncle who always tries to tell you stories about the old days before your mom turns red and tells him to shut up.

Location: London, UK

Future: “Its Time” was produced by Nick Waterhouse so, a) it is in fact 2015, and b) expect big things.

[VIDEO] Music Video Roundup – 8.28.13

Music-Video-RoundupA new one from music video masters Haim plus new discoveries like Hanni El Khatib (how did I miss this guy!?). I’m so stoked Foxes is finally picking up steam with the people! And Haim is gonna deliver one of the year’s best albums. Women be straight killing it these days!


HAIM – “The Wire”

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[MP3] Nick Waterhouse – “Some Place”

can’t help trying to say it again, am i sounding too oblique?

♫ Nick Waterhouse – Some Place

  • Who: Nick & his band The Tarots
  • What: Swingin’ throwback R&B, like Mayer Hawthorne, Mark Ronson
  • Where: San Francisco, CA + Facebook / Soundcloud / Amazon
  • When: More singles on the way.
  • Why: Waterhouse continues the recent tradition of white dudes paying respectable tribute to the soul music of our parents’ generation. Cheers to that.