Jake Tavill – “Truth” // Daan Botlek

Sometimes it’s important to listen to your family when they’re trying to tell you something, but like Jake Tavill, we are skeptical. “Truth” is a funky track with thought-worthy lyrics about what we are to do when we leave the house. Beginning simply with acapella and keys, this track slowly builds up its groove with the drums and horns. Although “what mother says” can be annoying, we are willing to hear her out on this track as we search to uncover the truth.

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Blood Cultures – “Moon” // Nykie Ngan

New Blood Cultures is a long time coming and will be a long time staying. There’s something comforting about the malaise on “Moon”, like the warmth from a sunburn or the softness of a piece of fruit that’s a little too ripe. Except you can dance to Blood Culture.

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The Ugly Club – “Cocoon”

While you are out there finding yourself, slip “Cocoon” onto your playlist as well. The supremely stride-invigorating bass line will take you anywhere you wanna go. Feel the Fall breeze crisping your cheeks and inhale that magical air. Great times.  Read more

[MP3] Brock Berrigan – “Bacon, Egg, and Cheese”

This one goes out to all the homies that could never skateboard worth a damn. Those of us left to stare out the window of our imagination at a world not so frighteningly forbidding. One where we could envisions smooth sliding over gaps and along rails. Where each falls has the impact of an 8-bit tumble instead of an 8-tooth knockout.  Read more

Stolen Jars – “Kept”

You know that feeling when you are first falling for someone and everything feels so magical that it almost verges on insanity? Things are unhinged and slightly weird but in the most exciting way? Stolen Jars wrapped up that wonderfully unique mental state and funneled it into their beautiful indie jams. And I’d really like some more.  Read more