NoMBe – “Bad Guy (Billie Eilish Cover)”

NoMBe w/ Sublime With Rome – “Bad Girls 2.0”

NoMBe,RAC,XYLØ – “Drama 2.0”

NoMBe – “Signs” // Dan Rawlings

Rollicking, subby, and fun, NoMBe reproaches the female subject of his latest release with a wink and a smile. It might be a warning to the self-absorbed, but the main guitar lick and shuffling groove mean the rest of us will be wrapped up in moving our hips. Another great entry into his They Might’ve Even Loved Me album, released song-by-song every month.

Can’t wait for July to get your fix of NoMBe? Check out “Seminole” as featured on VINYL MOON Volume 003: Halftone.

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NoMBe – “Young Hearts” // Julien Brogard

NoMBe and his guitar continue breaking hearts and taking names with the follow up to “Wait”. Get into the video below.

ohh is there something that you need to have? if it’s indispensable,
something I can get arrested for, you got it, shorty say the word,
hell & bloody murder, ain’t no mountain high & hurdles are
unheard of your worth it
so teach me how to be all that you want

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NoMBe – “Wait” // Anne Laval

The weekend is a jungle so when things get a bit hairy make sure to turn up NoMBe and act cool but also laid back like his killer guitar work.

Heart on HypeM & keep an eye out for more tracks from his upcoming debut LP. Plus, check out NoMBe’s “Seminole” on VINYL MOON Volume 003.

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NoMBe – “Kemosabe”

ain’t it shockin love dies
only skulls and bones left
and these laws apply
till the end of me

NoMBe latest groove is a true tale of romance and intrigue. Set-ups and soft hearts. Plenty here to close your eyes and watch the tale unfold on the back of your eyelids as the song repeats through the afternoon.  Read more

NoMBe – “Miss Mirage”

There she is. At least I think there she is. My eyes tell me she is there, hovering above the earth, the air shimmering around her. But then I close my eyes and she is still there. So where exactly is she? NoMbe continues his streak of beautifully moody jams with one about those magical people we all meet. The songs changes pace and beat as it weaves between the worlds of both dream and reality. A great ride to be on.

Imaginary hands folding over you
I’ve been missing night time the whole day through

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