NONONO – “Lost Song” // Amy Sherald

“Lost Song” is a vast and epic production filled with diverse instrumentation and iconic hooks to reel NONONO’s audience in.  With an inspiring soundscape layered with striking piano chords and an upbeat electronic percussion background, “Lost Song” is the perfect soundtrack for that morning run through the mountains as you embrace the orange-gold rising sun.

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NONONO – “Pumpin Blood” (The Knocks Remix)

“Pumping Blood” got a fresh makeover just in time for the sunny days of summer. The Knocks deliver again, this time adding a dirty twist of funk and some big bad bass to give the jam a nice grit.

NONONO – “Pumpin Blood” + more

NONONO - Pumpin Blood

and the whole wide world is whistling

I won’t be so obvious as to scream YESYESYES at you but its damn hard not to. More hot Swedish pop action that will set up camp in your brain like an unwashed squatter in a beach community. Sorry No, you guys got out done times three. “Pumpin Blood” is my new official summer anthem and these other tracks doen’t slouch either. Get acquainted. You will be hearing more of these guys. Probably from me.