[MP3] Ghost Loft – “Blow” & “Seconds”

baby let me love you now, ooh, wont you stay a while

♫ Ghost Loft – Blow

  • Who: Danny Choi
  • What: Sexwave, like Purity Ring, Rhye, The Weeknd
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Just a few singles so far.
  • Why: Do you remember Nowonder and that solid EP of hyper electronic instrumental jams? Well forget about that now because Danny Choi has a new project and it is even better. With Ghost Loft the beats are slippery and the added vocals dripping with intimacy. Time to make a mixtape for that special someone…

♫ Ghost Loft – Seconds

[EP] Nowonder – COLOR THE CONCRETE (w/ “White Light”)

signs of what you said, it’s killing me

♫ Nowonder – White Light

As if it wasn’t hard enough keeping up with great new tracks from bands we know and covering albums that melt faces, there is also the steady stream of amazing music being made by somehow unknown artists. Los Angeles’ Danny Choi is one of them and after a stint working in the music department of Yo Gabba Gabba he formed his solo project, Nowonder. With hints of Germany Germany, Ratatat, and Crystal Castles, Nowonder spins electronic music that feels to be telling a story. Whether it’s a dramatic battle scene in the agitated grinder “Manic” or a heartbroken night drive in the moonlit synths of “White Light,” his music always conjures scenes and emotions. The appropriately titled Color The Concrete EP is available for free at his Soundcloud. Now go get lost in it.

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