NVDES – “Louì” // Art: YAWN

It only takes about one minute to send some nudes, but it takes less time for NVDES to deliver some great and fresh moods with their latest single, “Louì”. With their catchy and vibrant combination of instrumental, indie, and house music, “Louì” will leave you in a positive state of mind that you’ll have on repeat for days.

For more NVDES, check out “Pressure” from VINYL MOON Volume 008: Seedshine

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NVDES – “I Want To Make Out At The Gay Club” // Adam Hillman

This one goes out to the fun friends. The ones you immediately call when you know it is a night out. The ones that no matter what happens in the darkness, the morning’s breakfast will still be colorful.

I absolutely love me some NVDES and the killer Life with Lobsters EP is finally OUT NOW. Get into it. And get into an unreleased NVDES track on VINYL MOON Volume 008.

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NVDES – “Don’t Fvck Your Neighbor”

Don’t care how many steps that you take as long as you’re world is crumbling into the melting horizon too… Some solid advice from our man Nvdes who may not have actually done the deed with his neighbor but word on the street is that this song was written with his actual neighbor so who really know what happens when you ask your neighbor how to tell if a melon is ripe…  Read more

Nvdes – “Fela”

With Halloween quickly approaching you are gonna want to step up your game immediately. Crank up Nvdes new jam “Fela” and get into a voodoo dance groove mood that will hopefully inspire you are your skeptical pet rabbit to find some gems deep in your closet that you can thrash together into some semblance of a costume.  Read more

Nvdes – “Unforgettable”

We don’t know much about new TBE fave Nvdes. For all we know he was raised in the woods by forrest creatures and “Unforgettable” is an ode to his furry family and the invaluable life lessons they taught him like compassion, sharing, forgiveness, and which tree barks taste best. Gotta love a dance jam thats actually a thank you note.  Read more

Nvdes – “Before The Weekend Comes”

“Before The Weekend Comes” is the name of this debut track from total unknown Nvdes but its also a statement that can weigh heavy on the mind. It can refer to the work you have yet to do, or the plans you have yet to make, or the balls to ask out the girl that you have yet to grow. Heavy! So don’t let the underwater leviathan of impending weekend-dom get you down. Take a deep breath and a few spins of this shimmering sunset of a dance groover and know that you got this.  Read more