Bear Hands – “Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” // Art: Levalet

“Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)” draws on the synths of Passion Pit-era indie rock and pop punk vocals for a song that makes it hard not to clap along. It’s all about the gang vocals on this one, so find yourself a crowd to sing it with. Even if that crowd is just three of your friends yelling together and pissing off your upstairs neighbors.

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Sean McVerry – “Red Light” // Art: Martin Ron

“Red Light” is a perfect slice of summer pop, all sun-specked synths and rhythms as well-suited for the dancefloor as they are for a pool float. But dig past the catchiness of the chorus and you’ll find lyrics with surprising depth, a narrator looking for self-meaning and self-preservation: “I try to keep myself from falling in the well / I think I’m breathing, but I can’t tell”. The cleverly penned lines are that much more insidious when tucked behind all those layers of glossy pop goodness – just the way I like it.

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[PREMIERE] Wet Leather – “I Was Wrong” & “IWMU”

Wet Leather‘s latest track is made for gazing at lights from a disco ball from the edge of the party. You tap your feet and sway your hips, but you’re far too sad/morose/shy/cool/awkward to get on the floor. Instead, you watch the shuffling swing of the drums and the Prince-inspired guitar licks light up the rest of the dance circle. You mouth along with the lyrics, “I’m in love for the last time, I never want to do that again” as the lights flare up with the stargazing synths. But then you catch someone’s eye – did they just wink at you? And suddenly your friends are at your side, clapping your shoulders and pushing you towards the middle of the room, just in time for you to catch the peak of the final chorus.

We get to catch the rest of the party when Wet Leather drops their new EP, Present Lives, on February 2nd. Until then, keep your spirits high with the first single from the release, “IWMU”.

For even more Wet Leather, throw on “Astral Projection” from VINYL MOON Volume 004: Surface Tension.

PowerPCME – “Terminal Clouds (feat. Vaperror)” + Honda Civic, Windows Down” // David Biskup

PowerPCME’s “Terminal Clouds” is your psychedelic hot air balloon ride into the cosmos.  With phasing, complex synth tones and colorful electronic textures littered across the production, “Terminal Clouds” is as spacey as it is aesthetically melodic.  Be sure to take some time with “Honda Civic, Windows Down” another fantastic track from PowerPMCE’s great instrumental electronic dream album Endless Summer.

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Aaron Taos – “Alone feat. Shane Stokes” // Evija Laivina

If Aaron Taos wants to be left alone, dropping sweet tracks is a pretty bad way to go about doing it. But it’s great news for those of us who are sick of other people after a long day of hustling for tips, being harassed at bars, shoved into subways, sitting in traffic, standing in line, getting spilled on at shows, yelling over crowd noise, being asked way too many questions about our personal lives, losing the last piece of food to some bratty kid who’s already had three…wait, what was I talking about?

Oh yeah. People suck. This song doesn’t.

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Rosehardt – “Fall Into You” // Michael Dandley

Rosehardt can switch from gritty indie rapper to silky smooth soul singer on a dime. But even though “Fall Into You” is a perfect example of the latter, he carries over his razor-sharp lyricism for a dreamy song about not wanting to dream anymore. Anyone tired of the dating world in 2017 will fall for this jam.

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Yoke Lore – “Only You” (Chad Valley Remix) // Raúl Soria

Synth and pop come together just right with Chad Valley’s Remix of “Only You”. With Yoke Lore’s playful lyrics and easy beats, this track will save you during that late afternoon drag. Keeping with the harmony of its original track, “Only You” keeps its sound dreamy and up to date with its use of reverb and back tracks. Be sure to check this out when you’re in the mood to keep it going.

Get more Yoke Lore goodness going on with “World Wings” on Vinyl Moon: Pink Portals.

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Hayes Peebles – “Airways” // Logan Jackson

“Airways” manages to be both simple and complex on the surface at the same time.  It follows a simple structure and pattern of the American country song, yet expands beyond the genre.  The result is a beautiful, innovative sound of a genre that Hayes Peebles seems to have mastered: indie folk-country.  Put “Airways” on at the countryside gathering beneath the celestial sky full of stars. Then make sure check out its B-Side “Bella”.

Get more of the awesome Hayes Peebles in your life with “Home” on Vinyl Moon: Might.

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