RALPH – “Something More” // Kevin Hong

I gotta be careful hiking with Ralph because with “Something More” in my headphones I’d be liable to leave everything behind to follow her if she asked.

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[MP3] Drona & Nanok – “Horizons” // Nunca

Face-paint may or may not be part of your pre-party ritual but either way you are still going to need the right pump up jams.

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Raveena – “Johnny It’s The Last Time” // Shoko Ishida

“The last time” is always easier said then done… except if you are talking about Raveena’s new jam which is easier played on repeat than stopped. Johnny, give her some space. We need some time with Raveena for a while.

Catch up with Raveena’s previous jams “Something’s Gotta Give” and “You Give Me That”.

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STALKING GIA makes sounds I wouldn’t hesitate for a SECOND to request during a daydream out in NATURE

Pardon me while I put a cocktail on ice and soak up some sunshine with this gem on repeat.

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[DEBUT] Raveena – “You Give Me That”

You know the rules. No horn section in the bedroom. Oh, but ok. When sing to me like that you know I can’t resist. Bring em in!  Read more

Sofi Tukker – “Hey Lion”

It’s new Sofi Tukker. WHAT ELSE IS THERE TO SAY? Ok, there is this…

“Hey Lion” is like a sonic snack. It’s not like “Drinkee” or “Matadora,” which were made as vibration journeys. “Hey Lion” is like the opening chant to Soft Animals… we want to welcome people into our version of this animal-world, where strength is soft and nobody is boss.”

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Salt Cathedral – “No Ordinary Man”

And I’m falling gracefully
Down this path…

Falling, strolling, flying, or stumbling, I would follow Salt Cathedral down any path they wanted to take me. There is pure beauty ahead. Read more

Wildlife Control – “Illusion”

That’s not just fresh mountain air in your lungs. Thats the taste of excitement. And tension. Wildlife Control are back and “Illusion” sounds like the perfect opening salvo for big things to come. Play it loud and run around outside!  Read more