The Saxophones – “Aloha” // Frances Haszard

“Aloha” has the patient, dreamlike quality of a David Lynch film. It also makes me yearn for a hammock – maybe it’s the way the main guitar line rocks back and forth like a pendulum, or the way the vocals float along like a soft breeze.

Give yourself a four-minute vacation with the Saxophone’s latest, and extend your stay with “If You’re On The Water” from VINYL MOON Volume 016: Breathing Shadows.

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Pink Skies – “Start.End” // Lu Yorlano

With some of the beefiest bass this side of Tame Impala, Oakland’s Pink Skies will make you rush out and buy the craziest tinted sunglasses out on the market today. Just take a lesson from my bruised shins and take them off before you go into dark rooms, ok?

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The Saxophones – “If You’re on the Water” // Ken Resen

The track was inspired by a summer week that saw suicide, the transition of a relationship, and Alexi and his Father’s near death experience in a boating accident. The album pays tribute to the currents of beauty, sorrow and regret that run through our lives.

The sparkle of the sun on the water has an inherent draw for most people. I can only imagine how that beckoning glimmer changes with the new context of a near death experience. Here, sit next to me and contemplate that as we drift off to The Saxophones and imagine our feet in the water and our butts safely planted on a dock somewhere.

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Fever Charm – “Key To My Heart”

Pardon me while I slowly rub eyes and ease my way into 2016 to the jangly and soothing sounds of Fever Charm. Everything will be alright as long as these guys keep jamming so good.  Read more

Ghost & The City – “Steady Trippin”

Oooh yeah, what a beautiful groove here. Reach out and touch that trumpet line. So smooth you’ll want to hold on to it all day. Ghost & The City blend a sweet mix of electronic and indie elements with that organic jazz touch that finishes it off perfectly.  Read more

[PREMIERE] Fever Charm – “Buenos Aires”

Fever Charm‘s new jam will put some pep in your step. Its a track for walking places with a dip in your hip, and purpose in your gaze. A take no prisoners funk bounce that lets everyone else at the beach know that your big ass towel is not to be disturbed. if they are gonna start kicking sand around they had better do it elsewhere because you are making an island of beautiful solitude on which to listen to great jams and soak up Summer sun.

Buenos Aires

Astronauts, etc. – “Eye to Eye”

Asking for some r-e-s-p-e-c-t is one thing, but the harder thing to achieve is reciprocation and thats what Astronauts, etc tackle right off the bat in “Eye to Eye”. As the song title suggests, its not reciprocation in the sexual sense, its more to do with being on the same page and treating the other as you would like to be treated. Easy on paper. A lot harder in real life. Luckily Astronauts, etc have set this key relationship stumbling block to one of the most chill and funked out grooves around. Now if only your lover was around to enjoy the tune with you, right?

Well, just make sure they join you for Astronauts, etc’s show at The Echo tomorrow night 7/7.

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Waterstrider – “Frayed”

Another great jam from TBE faves Waterstrider! Perfect for opening the door from your mind and stepping out into the breezy unknown. Eyes closed, ears open, and fingers dancing to the delicate percussion that lifts you along.  Read more