kodiak – “lol” // Art: Weibke Haas

kodiak walks the fine line of hating the game of Getting Famous On The Internet while acknowledging that he’s as involved in the system as anyone else. In different hands, this self-awareness could get somber, but kodiak keeps his tongue firmly in his cheek and has a blast with “lol”. And when the artist is having this much fun, it’s infectious.

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Captain Kidd – “WILD” // Manuela Lendroyo

The bass in the chorus for “Wild” , the new jam from recent TBE faves Captain Kidd, is worth the price of admission on its own. But the plush vocals and effortless groove are no slouches, either. Equally suited for chill background vibes or full eyes-closed immersion. There’s just something about this song.

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Oliver Hazard – “Caesar Knows” // Alex Grigg

Get immediately transported to a smokey wooden barroom with “Caesar Knows”. From the first squawk to the last yell, Oliver Hazard wastes no time dialing in the Americana joy and getting your feet stomping. This is the first song on their Soundcloud, so hopefully this is a sign of more great things to come.

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La Poré – “Sad Girl” // Jan Sieman

A synthpop treat perfect for the nights you just want to lie in bed and think about the people in your life, past and present, then maybe call them up and chat while this is playing in the background.  Even though this song seems to be speaking to someone, the song’s synth and steady beat evoke a sense of isolation, admiration, and fear all at once, which sums up the emotional power of the synthpop genre.

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[PREMIERE] DYAN – “Of Love” Video (+ School Night L.A. show)

Regular readers know that DYAN absolutely stole my heart last year with their stunning and immensely repeatable debut album Looking For Knives. Now, after great press from NPR, Billboard, Kick Kick Snare, & Indie Shuffle, (plus over a million Spotify plays of the album’s title track) it seems the rest of the world is taking proper notice! Today DYAN returns with their first video from new single “Of Love”, the tender and stripped back sleeper favorite from Looking For Knives. The video is a fantastic pairing to the music as it takes us on a visual adventure high above the frozen earth below. As if watching the world we live in through a lens of either hazy memories or wistful longing. It’s never quite clear with DYAN. That why it’s so perfect.

The video was directed by the amazing visual artist Sinziana Velicescu who shot DYAN’s album and single artwork as well as did photography for Vinyl Moon Volume 012.

Los Angeles, come see DYAN at School Night this Monday! Details below. RSVP for free entrance here.

DYAN - School Night - 170123la_insta

DYAN - Looking For Knives

DYAN have me LOOKING deep into dreamstates FOR adventures so i’d better put down any KNIVES

Every time I listen to this song I’m taken away. Lifted right out of my body and sent on a journey. I can’t promise it will take you to the same places it takes me but if your headphones are on just right and the volume properly blocks the outside world then you’ve got 6 minutes of traveling to do. Enjoy it. I sure as hell will be.

I was lucky enough to see DYAN perform their first live show ever last weekend and it was a beautiful thing. Also, “Looking For Knives” is the title track off of DYAN’s full length debut which is out July 29th. Get on it! (And check out some of the story behind this song over at Popmatters)

Previously on TBE: “St. James” and “Days Upon Days”

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DYAN on repeat for DAYS UPON DAYS of dangerous dancing

Tighten up your shoelaces because DYAN’s new single “Days Upon Days” gets my feet moving quick and has me considering the kind of street parkour that should certainly not be attempted with large headphones or a body that can’t even touch its own toes. But after a proper stretch then its let loose all the new inspired dance moves.

The debut LP Looking for Knives is out July 29th. Mark the calendar.

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Nick D’ and the Believers – “Never Gonna Give Up”

This new Nick D and The Believers jam is exactly what we need for these slowly warming June days. Full of sunshine and spunk but still kinda preferring to remain somewhere comfortable. The sonic equivalent of a basement pillow fight. Really spontaneous and fun, but not needing much prep, clean up , or energy.  Read more