Remix Roundup 77 – [Part 1] – Chelsea Cutler, Bazzi, Oliver Nelson, Clean Bandit

Hey all, we decided to keep things going w/ our re-introduction to the “Remix Roundup”. While we don’t have any official expectations or a set schedule, I’m going to see if I can keep these coming for you…. I’ve still got a fair amount of older and newer remixes backlogged, so I’ll try my best to mix them both in. Also, if you guys are interested, I’m starting a Spotify “Best Remixes” playlist you can follow.  Keep in mind that most remixes never make it to Spotify and iTunes :(

Priory – “Weekend” (Oliver Nelson Remix)


Act like it.

Tobtok ft. Emil Heró – “Higher” (Oliver Nelson & SkogsrÃ¥ Remix)

Music for… people who don’t mind a million cooks in the kitchen. Well, when 2 of those cooks are TBE faves Oliver Nelson and SkogsrÃ¥ its a damn different story. Tuck that napkin in your shirt and dive into these juicy synth grooves. Pass the sunshine please!

Location: Its a big Swedish love fest on this one.

Future: Lets all dig into more Tobok

Lemaitre – “High Tide” (Oliver Nelson & Tobtok Remix)

Music for… Summer beach-hopping through Europe with your best friend and your favorite polka-dot swimsuit.

Remix Roundup 73 – [5.2.2014]

This is it folks, the official relaunch of the new Remix Roundups. They will be leaner, meaner, and much more frequent! Get into it for the weekend!

Such a killer remix!

Sunset pool parties here I come!

Gotta love the keytar!

Oooh, nice and gritty!

Another killer remix from Manu. So smoooth…

A match made in sunset summertime heaven…

Bounce with it all weekend.

Noah Diamond back with a sexy one!

[MP3] SomeKindaWonderful – “Reverse” + Oliver Nelson remix

SomeKindaWonderful- Reverse

“Reverse” is the only track out by SomeKindaWonderful so far but I’m feeling something pretty special and unique here. There is a grooviness stirring amidst the darkness. It is an infectious jam that only gets more so with the great Oliver Nelson remix. Illuminate the darkness with a disco ball!