Back Talk – “Oliver Tree – Movement (Back Talk Remix)” // Art: Bikismo

Back Talk takes on Oliver Tree’s “Movement” with a blistering remix, featuring explosive, distorted beats and powerhouse rapping. The song goes for gold in its eclectic approach, drawing on genres as diverse as pop, deep house, fusion, electro-clash and more.

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Remix Roundup 76 – [Part 1.] – Whethan, Emilia Ali, DUAN, and Bayonne!

I’m back kids. In case y’all don’t remember me (Joel), I used to run these here Remix Roundups. I won’t bore you with my life story, but lot has happened since then… I started the nationwide party “Dance Yourself Clean“, a record label “Lights & Music Collective“, and a music project w/ a couple friends called “Back Talk” (see remix in part 2). That’s great and all, but we all know you’re here for the music, so lets get to it. Below are a gaggle of remixes I’ve been listening to over the past six months or so. Part 1 of 2.