On Planets – “Don’t Think So Hard – Stripped”

On Planets – “Cure” // Merve Morkoç

We live a life so strange it makes the head split. Luckily there is music so good it puts things (a bit) back together again. Much love for On Planets and his perpetual quest to soothe what ails us.

“Cure is kind of about a lot of things, but mainly about feeling conflicted and polarized/caught in between opposing sides. The song is about trying to find the convoluted and limp middle ground when each polar extreme is so straightforward and simple.”

– On Planets

“Cure” is the debut track from the forthcoming Personal Space EP on Majestic Casual Records. Give a heart on Hype Machine and then download. Plus check out his jam “Spectacle” on VINYL MOON Volume 004.

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On Planets – “Brief Pause”

Take a moment with this one from TBE fave On Planets. A brief pause will do. But a longer pause will do better.

Get On Planets on Vinyl Moon Volume 004.  Read more

Pegboard Nerds – “Emoji” (On Planets Remix)

Pegboard Nerds continue to reap the benefits of killer remixes that bring their jams a fresh new flavor. On Planets’ take on “Emoji” is a springtime delight of youthful smiles and warm sunshine. Sing it loud!  Read more

Gallant – “Weight In Gold” (On Planets Remix)

Gallant has never really struck a chord with me but with On Planets at the controls, this ripped and flipped take on “Weight In Gold” suddenly has wings and some menace. Hang on for the whole ride. It goes places.  Read more

On Planets – “Spectacle” Ft. Maddie Duke

“Spectacle” is a beautifully weird collection of sonic bursts and burps that set the ever evolving stage for Maddie Duke’s fragile yet forceful voice to dance and weave through. The kind of song you should only listen to with headphones if you are fully ready to be consumed.

Spectacle Ft. Maddie Duke