Only Girl – “Stone” // BEZT

This sparse soul ballad brings out Only Girl’s vocals beautifully over the soft piano and sharp synth tones.  The contrast in tones in this overall ballad emphasizes the song’s themes of love striking when it’s expected the least.  The song doesn’t need a drum beat to define its steady pace; alone, it stands elegant and reflective.  Perfect for those nights of introspection while lying on the couch.

Get more Only Girl in your life on Vinyl Moon Vol 024: The Lost Expedition.

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VINYL MOON Volume 024: The Lost Expedition

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest edition of VINYL MOON, the record of the month club that presses ten up-and-coming music artists to vinyl, complete with original visual artwork and package design.

This month’s release is titled The Lost Expedition. Visual artist Gabriele Brombin takes us on a journey of unknown lands with a gatefold jacket with spot-gloss contour accents. A foldout map to an alien country helps guide the way, with three gorgeous art inserts on high quality yardstick providing even more to marvel at. Your destination, however, is the marbled burgundy vinyl inside and the music it contains.

Featuring TBE favorites like Only Girl, New Mystics, Kyson, and more, this volume of Vinyl Moon will

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Only Girl – “HEIGHTS” // Juan Miguel Palacios

Only Girl sings “I can only reach those heights with you,” but based on her vocal range in this song, I’m not sure I believe her. She seems to be doing remarkably well on her own. That being said, I’m sure she could be a part of one hell of a duet…

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Only Girl – “Fortune” // Artem Cheboha

Ok, that’s cool, Only Girl’s lovely voice with some warm keys and backing vocals, this is very pleasant, and – WOAH, this chorus came out of NOWHERE. There’s only 3 or 4 voices but it sounds like everything in the world is singing along. Lighters up, people, this is the real deal.

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