Max García Conover – “Abigail For A While” // Kerry Dean

This quiet folk waltz becomes a somber reflection,  evoked by the song’s sparse instrumentation.  The vocal duet match in melody and lyrics, accentuating the song’s duality and themes of conversation and reflection.  The song effectively becomes a perfect song for these introspective moments, whether you’re watching a sunset with a loved one or taking a slow, leisurely walk in the woods.


Shy Girls – “Trivial Motion” // Loes Heerink

Shy Girls has come to steal your lady. You better get out there and load up a bicycle full of flowers to win her back. But be quick… you’ve only got until the end of the song until he has her forever…

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Ryan Oxford – “Flashes of Rage” // Raz Latif

This jangly gem is for those moments when you realize that you need some deep breaths and a long walk to get your head straight. The world is a crazy place. Thank you Ryan Oxford for providing this bit of sonic respite.

From the album Fa Fa Fa Fired, out January 27th from Mama Bird Recording Co.

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Richard Lathrop – “You” // Stephen Orlando

Richard Lathrop makes music to rub your eyes to. Music to welcome the world after a long sleep. Music that fills your lungs like a deep yawn. Music to slowly get you moving in the right direction.

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Minden – “Love is Bad” // Ron Kurniawan

The love may be bad but the grooves are oh so good. So better to avoid Minden in the dating pool and focus on their record instead. “Love is Bad” is the third single off Minden’s Sweet, Simple Things album out on Hit City U.S.A. Order the vinyl LP now.

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JOSH GARRELS wasn’t BORN to let you have a boring afternoon AGAIN

Some real soulful vibes going on here. The kind to keep on repeat as you ponder when was the last time you emoted even half of what Josh sings in one line…

This track is from the album Home and can be purchased on iTunes.

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[PREMIERE] Karl Kling – “I Need You” (Bahner Remix)

Karl Kling always has something groovy up his sleeve and now Bahner has put his spin on Karl’s killer jam “I Need You” from last year. It’s the perfect way to embrace these sunny June days as we head into sunscreen season. Time to stock up on both Karl Kling originals and remixes. And Vinyl Moon members should grab his debut LP in the Member Store too.

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Karl Kling: The VINYL MOON Interview

The Burning Ear and Karl Kling go waaaaaay back. As an integral member of RAC, Karl has been on our radar both through his remixes and contributions to the live show. Watching him branch out into solo stuff was exciting to say the least. Perhaps the only thing more exciting was being able to feature one of those tracks,  “I Will Wait”, on VINYL MOON. Karl has been playing on the RAC/Big Data tour and I recently caught up with him before a huge LA show.

Vinyl Moon: Volume 001
Artist: Karl Kling
Track: “I Will Wait”

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