Rare Monk – “California”

It’s not just melodrama. Rare Monk is right, California will burn. It just happens. The very real byproduct of years of drought. The insanity of it is enough to get you out of your seat to thrash along with some seriously cathartic air guitar moves. A little sweat wont stop the big fires, but it might quell one of yours.  Read more

Dresses – “Catch”

Thursdays are good for dreaming about the weekend. For dreaming about outfits and crushes. And how to maximize ones impact on the other. For inspiration, go out and run your hands through the grass and feel the sun on your neck. Summer isn’t over yet.  Read more

Wild Ones – “Dim the Lights””

Portland’s Wild Ones are back with a little thunderstorm of a jam that is not to be casually dismissed as you leave your laundry drying in the back yard. Tender oooohs drift over the hills, providing some soothing shade, but soon the sky opens with a cymbal crash and things turn delightfully tumultuous. The forecast calls for an 80% chance of shuttered windows and moody dance moves.  Read more

Flor – “Back Again”

Music for… those of us who grew up on Phoenix’s seminal “If I Ever Feel Better” and the complex emotions of growing up, feeling hurt, but knowing you will come out ok on the other side and you would really like it if that cute girl/guy you just met would hold onto your number and not let your momentary depression get in the way of any future magic. We have all been there. And now Flor has delivered the 2015 dream-pop  update. Its almost enough to make me wish I was going through some heartbreak just so I could have an excuse to keep this on repeat all day. Good thing I don’t need an excuse!

Location: Hood River,  Oregon. California.

Future: Your soundtrack to Facebook stalking photo albums from 2008.

Karl Kling – “Careful”

Sounds like… Karl Kling is aiming for a big 2015 and we can’t blame the guy. Those awesomely warm sounding synths slip and bounce under his hushed voice. The perfect soundtrack for easing yourself into the sunlight for some vitamin D.

Location: Portland, OR

Future: Sample some more of his just released debut album at Soundcloud.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Multi-Love””

Sounds like … you fell asleep listening to that old AM radio and in your dank dream haze find yourself slo-mo jumping from branch to branch in the psychedelic forest of your mind.

Location: Portland, OR

Future: “Multi-Love” is from THE ALBUM ‘Multi-Love’ out May 26th, 2015 on Jagjaguwar.

Typhoon – “Prosthetic Love”

Music for… sitting down and closing your eyes. Soaking in the subtle sounds and beautiful lyrics of Typhoon. The band is no slouch with their storytelling, and this fan has taken lyric analysis to the next level.

Location: Portland, OR

Future: Go watch the Veronica Mars movie and enjoy this song’s placement in a rather romantic scene. Also, the gorgeous new video below.

Karl Kling – “I Will Wait”

Music for… slo-mo daydreaming through the clouds and among the elastic creatures you find up there who are dancing and jiggling so subtly you aren’t sure if its them or the shimmer of the sunset behind you.

Location: Portland, OR

Future: More goodness like this I hope.