SASSY 009 – “Are You Leaving” // Ian Francis

SASSY 009 leaves us with a dreamy production driven by a drum loop surrounded by colorful textures; a distant flute solo here, a constant ring coming from wind chimes in some other soundscape realm, and some clean, echo-y vocals.   Sit back with your drink on this one, and let it take you over.

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Simen Mitlid – “Two Days” // Teagan White

“Two Days” is what would be the perfect soundtrack to the bittersweet ending of your favorite indie film.  The synth accompanying the glockenspiel lines and nylon-string guitar strums blurs the line between “electronic” and “acoustic” music, banking on a dynamic that creates song’s emotional weight of nostalgia.

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SASSY 009 – “Pretty Baby” // Mark Powell

“Pretty Baby” is a dream without being a nightmare, but still gives you a shiver after you wake up. Shadowy and spacious, SASSY 009 leaves all the muscle for the bassline, which punches just as hard as a kick drum.

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Strangelove – “From Heights” // Vera Van Wolferen

A lush production of a song that doesn’t skimp on catchy hooks. “From Heights” has the chops to be on every “Chill” playlist by the end of the summer. Look for the album by the same name, out on Luft Recordings August 25th.

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BAYA – “Loon” // Marcos Navarro

When the sun finally sets today, I’m gonna need a stiff drink and some dark and funky beats to pull me into the weekend. Time to cue up BAYA’s jam “Loon”!

His debut album Oslo-Harlem just came out and you can bet I’ll be digging into it this weekend…

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Hajk – “Magazine” // Aart-Jan Venema

If any part of last week got you down then take a cue from Hajk and put those headphones on and think of something else. “Magazines” is the perfect soundtrack for it. I’m feeling better already!

Hajk is on the killer Norwegian label Jansen Plateproduksjon and their full LP is due in the spring.

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Here is a little calm before the impending storm of a weekend. (Happy July 1 to Canada and July 4 to USA!)

Previously on TBE: Gundelach

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Ana of The North – “Baby”

Anna just wants know if she is still the one you’re thinking of. And since you wont tell her she is going to lull you into a hypnotic trance with “Baby” and get it out of your while you are so chilled out you can’t resist.  Read more