[DEBUT] Gundelach – “Spiders”

find me in the rain

find me somehow


Lemaitre – “Closer” feat Jennie A

Gather the squad because its time to hit this weekend full on! Lemaitre lay down a piano and horn combo that will light a fire of swagger in your belly, turning your inner demons into party fuel.  Read more

SeeB – “Simple Life”

You ever watch a band play live and they are just standing there on stage not really moving and its pretty boring? Well, pass them this dancing guitar from this tropical powerhouse jam  “Simple Life” and they wont be able to help shimmying and shaking around the stage as they try and keep up with the hip moves and smooth grooves.  Read more

WATERS – WHAT’S REAL (w/ “Got To My Head” + “Over It”)

The main reason I have been keeping an eye on Waters since they formed is that frontman Van Pierszalowski has a killer Polish last name like me. The reason I even know his name is he used to be in the awesome Port O’Brien from way back in the early days of TBE. Even with all that going for them I couldn’t get excited by Waters. Singles began rolling out almost a year ago and each one felt too rough and tumble for my usually synth-massaged ears. But then something totally amazing (and totally logical happened)… I listened to the full album. And I was blown away. Suddenly all the grit and rawness of those songs felt exactly perfect because there was context and cohesion. Like seeing just one ninja turtle or just one Little Racal. Just odd and a little frightening. Then you see the whole gang and its a different (and epic and exciting) story. That is Waters’ debut album What’s Real.

Listen closely to songs like “Got To My Head” and “Over It” and you may just hear your inner 90s middle-schooler jumping around his room and screaming along as he accidentally knocks copies of Weezer’s blue album and Nirvana’s Nevermind off his comic book display shelves. I sure did. Now pardon me while I put on the blue vinyl of What’s Real and do just that.

WATERS - Got To My Head

[MP3] Ole Hegle – “Wildlife”

ALERT! This song from Oslo’s Ole Hegle only has 173 listens in the 2 weeks it has been online and that is really silly because its the nicest bit of offbeat bass slapping disco funkiness I’ve heard in a while. The kind of jam you drop on a dance floor to weed the freaks from the geeks. GET INTO IT!

Kid Astray – “No Easy Way Out”

Oslo’s Kid Astray are like a shot of espresso on this Monday morning. A big synth bounce and lyrics that totally understand how I feel right now. Get into it, sing along, and you will be awake in no time!

Lemâitre – “Cut To Black”

Lemâitre - Cut To Black

They sound French, are from Norway, and their album art looks awesome. Pretty much everything about these guys seems airtight so far. “Cut To Black” anything but dark. A perfect summer cocktail sipping jam.

Eye Emma Jedi – EP (w/ “Sin” + Coucheron Remix)

Eye Emma jedi

knowing all the things, all the things i do, i could never say, i’ll show you

It was the Coucheron remix of “Sin” that first caught my ear and been on repeat the past few weeks. Its laid back, bouncy, and with a bit of crunch. Luckily I checked out the source material and discovered that Eye Emma Jedi is more than the remix had me believing. The original “Sin” sports screeching guitars, plinking synths, and vocals I could already sing along to! Going through the rest of their tracks its clear that these guys have a great grasp on a number of styles and influences. Which really makes sense when you learn that they are 3 Norwegians and 2 Brits. Its an alt-indie dream team! Make sure you check “Wounded Eyes” if you are a fan of big monster truck guitars and soaring riffs.