Oya Paya – “Put My Record On” // Bompas and Parr

Oya Paya puts their hip-hop influences aside for a moment and lean heavily into the alt rock that’s always informed their music. Clever wordplay and strong melodic hooks will have Jamie T fans doing a double-take. Bite into “Put My Record On”.

For more of Oya Paya’s musical melting pot, get back into “Just A Little Man”, found on VINYL MOON Volume 022: Might.

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Oya Paya – “Trip Advisor” // Sean Norvet

You know those three guys you know through your old coworker who throw great house parties? They mentioned at one of their BBQs that they had a rap project, and you remembered to check them out some slow Sunday afternoon. And you realize it’s….really good. And suddenly you’re playing it anytime the sun is out. And perhaps soon on the turntable

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Oya Paya – “Just A Little Man” // Doug Miller

With origins in Singapore, France, Iran, and England, Oya Paya are a living, breathing (& rocking) example of the importance of a global community. I’d be honored to get beer spilled on me by any of these dudes at their next live show. Especially if they play “Just A Little Man” twice…

p.s. they have a song called “Anthony Kiedis” which if that excites you then its even better than it sounds!

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