MONOGEM – “Gone (Paperwhite Remix)” // Hassan Hajjaj

From the massive war drums to the resampled chorus that’s a hook in and of itself, everything about this remix screams “anthem”. Paperwhite takes Monogem’s already-powerful single and gives it even more put-your-hands-in-the-air-ability. Which is a pretty important metric, if you ask us.

Don’t sleep on the original mix, either:

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PAPERWHITE make UNSTOPPABLE dance moves when teamed up the MEMORYY REMIX

Your summertime posse just got a new anthem. Prepare accordingly.

Previously on TBE: Paperwhite / Memoryy

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Paperwhite – “On My Own”

Being left behind as a solo operator can either mean major depression or major dance party. Make it the latter with Paperwhite’s latest pillow fight dream party.  Read more

Paperwhite – “Take Me Back”

You already know I love me some Paperwhite!? What do you think I’m going to write here? The song is out! Love it! But get your own hair curler to sing into… and hey, thats my fog machine!

Paperwhite – “Magic”

Brooklyn brother/sister duo Paperwhite are finally back with the follow up to “Got Me Goin” and as the sun beats down on the world outside my window the timing couldn’t be better. “Magic” is a polished indie-pop jam for the ages, surging with emotion and positivity. Probably enough to clear clouds out of the sky and dry up the rain. Try it.

Paperwhite – “Got Me Goin” + Robotaki Remix

The NYC/LA brother/sister duo of Paperwhite have only put out one song so far but “Got Me Goin” is a damn good way to open the door. Big spacious synths swirl under Katie’s gorgeous and punchy vocals. Its a dance song for dreamers. A dream song for dancers. And now thanks to TBE alum Robotaki, “Got Me Goin” gets shot even higher into space for a galactic dance party.