Parade of Lights – “Golden”

I’m pretty stoked about the upcoming Sochi Olympics and getting my every-4-year fix of sports like bobsledding and ice skating. Another thing to get pumped about is Parade of Lights new jam “Golden” which is being used NBC’s TV promos for the WInter Olympics. Very cool for the hometown LA guys and very cool for Sochi. Everyone wins. Especially me.

Look out for Parade of Lights new EP on Astralwerks coming soon.

Parade of Lights – “We’re The Kids”


Parade of Lights impress me more with each new move. “We’re The Kids” is another airtight indie rock anthem clocking in under 3 minutes. Keep it short and sweet and I’ll hit repeat!  Sing along!

[EP] Parade of Lights – BORN TO LIVE, BORN TO LOVE (w/ “Just Give It Up” )

lets do this together, i want you more than ever

♫ Parade of Lights – Just Give It Up

  • Who: Ryan & Anthony
  • What: Alt-electro rock, like The Big Pink, Morning Parade, Joywave
  • Where: Los Angeles + Facebook
  • When: Buy the Born To Live, Born To Love EP now.
  • Why: Parade of Lights is an apt name for the band making this stadium sized jam that was built for lights shows and all-out sing-a-longs. Los Angeles, can we please get into this guys big time so when they play November 12th at The Bootleg we can all get rowdy? “Flash of Light” & “Talk To You” are other big poppy highlights on the EP. Get into it.